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Why my auction is better
than "the Bay"

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My vintage sports card auction is the web's largest continuing single owner/seller auction
From the 'If you can't beat 'em join 'em' file,
in true David Letterman's Top-10 style,
here's my Top-10 list for why my auction
is better FOR YOU than "the Bay".
Paul, drum-roll please . . . . . . .

  #10 - Combined low shipping/handling on ALL ITEMS, ALL THE TIME !
#9 - We were THE FIRST INTERNET Sports Card Auction !
#8 - You're placing bids with a company running online auctions for 25+ years !
#7 - We have filled hundreds of thousands of orders, over a million cards !
#6 - Always a wide selection of collecting categories !
#5 - Every week you are sure to find some RARELY SEEN ITEMS !
#4 - Wholesale supply prices on individual supplies for auction winners !
#3 - FREE CARDS & DISCOUNTS each and every week for auction winners !
#2 - Cool & Easy to use categories make bidding easy !
#1 - The team truly loves Sports & Sportscards and will do
all we can to make your collecting experience what it should be - FUN !!!

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