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Vintage Baseball Card Auctions - Every Week !!!

Welcome to our WEEKLY Vintage Baseball Card Auctions !!!
We feature baseball card auctions with old vintage cards -- 4,000+ items EVERY week.
Card auctions end Sunday nights (10pm EST)

Auction invoices sent within 48 hours after auction.
Contact us if you don't receive your auction invoice within 3 days after auction.
Baseball card auction line

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Baseball Card Auction Rules & Information

How to register, make bids, check on bids and pay for winnings
Baseball card pin Not registered ? Need a LOGIN & PASSWORD ?? - Click here to register for auction
If you aren't registered and would like to see our auction and how it works you can login as a guest.
When asked for your auction Login/Password use guest/password (lower case)
You will need to exit your browser and restart it if you later register.
Lost Baseball card auction password Forgot your Login/Password? Click here

Registered auction members only below this point: (you must already have your LOGIN & PASSWORD)
Baseball card auction pointer Click here to enter the auction. Baseball card auction pointer
Bid only on cards/items you are sure you want.
Bids CAN NOT be canceled once submitted.
Max bids CAN be lowered to 1 bid OVER the current bid.
NOTE: Info shared with other auctioneers/card dealers on non-paying bidders.

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Baseball card auction line

Auction Rules & Information

How to register for auction
Not registered ? - Click here to register now

Vintage/Old Baseball Card Grading
Unless stated, cards 1980 and older are EX/MINT or better; 1981 to current are NM/MINT.
Grading Scale: NM/MINT, Near Mint (NM), EX/MT, Excellent (EX), VG/EX, Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair, Poor

Card centering maybe described as a % of the border on one side versus other.
Example: a perfectly centered card is 50/50.
A card with twice as much border on one side versus the other is 67/33.
t/b (top/bottom) and l/r (left/right) are used to indicate the direction of centering.

How to make auction bids
Bidding is as easy as clicking your mouse!
There are 2 ways to bid - YES/NO and MAX BIDDING.
You may mix and match - use YES/NO on some lots and MAX BIDDING on others.

To make a bid - CLICK the [YES] button under the description.
To remove a bid BEFORE it has been submitted - CLICK the [NO] button.
After you have marked (clicked [YES] buttons) for your bids
you must then click the [SUBMIT BIDS] button near the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: You CAN NOT REMOVE bids once you have clicked the SUBMIT button !!!

To make a bid - CLICK inside the box under the item description.
Enter your "MAX BID".
Our auction software will make the NEXT BID for you
and continue to make bids only when needed up to your MAX BID.
After you have entered all your bids
you must then click the [SUBMIT BIDS] button near the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: You CAN NOT REMOVE a bid once you have clicked the SUBMIT button !!!
Max bids CAN be lowered to 1 bid over the current bid.

Images of most vintage cards are high resolution and oversized.
You will often see an mini image of the item or a clickable [IMAGE].
In some cases you may click on this image or [IMAGE] to see a larger version.
For some images you can stretch the window to enlarge the image.
When you are done viewing the image close the image window to return to the bidding page.
This is done by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the image window.
We often will have multiple cards in an image.
You can download the image and use your graphics program to see an even larger image.

How to check your bids
The [MY BIDS] button shows all cards that you have placed a bid on in this auction.
If you wish, you may now place additional bids on those cards.
To place bids on other cards you must use SEARCH or CATEGORIES.

Auction Closing
All auctions START closing Sunday nights at 10pm EST using the "5-Minute Rule".
An item stays open till there have been no bids on that item for 5 minutes.
Thus bidding on some items may extend past 10pm. Almost all items are closed by 10:20.

How to pay for auction winning bids
Most auction invoices are emailed within 1 to 2 days after the end of the auction.
Please check your auction invoice for accuracy, especially your shipping address.
If you do not receive an auction invoice it likely means that we do not have your correct e-mail address.
Please e-mail us and let us know!

We accept Money Orders/Checks/MC/Visa/PayPal

If you've signed up for our Automatic Credit Card Payment and/or we have your credit card information on file
simply e-mail us your "OKAY TO CHARGE" or call us and we will charge and send your order.

Otherwise call or e-mail us with your credit card information or send check or money order to:
Joseph Juhasz, 11627 Calamar Ct, San Diego, CA 92124
We are usually available by Phone: (858) 576-8223 (Mon-Fri, 1pm - 7pm EST)

How to submit your baseball cards for auction
Nearly all baseball cards in our auctions are in our possession.
Unless you have a large collection, we do not accept cards for our auctions at this time.

We reserve the right to cancel bids, remove lots from the auction, extend auctions, restart bidding,
and make any decisions for any reasons we deem neccesary.

If you have a problem with bidding, please let us know.
E-mail as much info as you can including the Lot#, your bid and your name.

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