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Troy Aikman - Aikman Discusses Future   (Cowboys/03-01-89) $ 0.00
Flanked by agent Leigh Steinberg, Troy answers questions at UCLA press conference and indicating a preference to play for the Dallas Cowboys.
Troy Aikman - Newest Cowboy   (Cowboys/04-21-89) $ 10.00
Former UCLA quarterback Aikman shows off new jersey with coach Jimmy Johnson at press conference.
Troy Aikman - First Summer Workout   (Cowboys/07-25-89) $ 10.00
First round draft choice Aikman heads for his first workout in a Cowboy uniform.
Tim Brown - Brown Accepts Award   (Raiders/12-05-87) $ 7.00
Mimicking the Heisman pose he's holding in his left hand.
Tim Brown - Brown Wins Heisman Trophy   (Raiders/12-07-87) $ 7.00
Posing with Heisman Trophy.
Tim Brown - Does It All   (Raiders/11-24-91) $ 7.00
Breaking through the Bengals defensive line for a 75 yard punt return.
Roger Craig - Watching His New Team   (Raiders/07-19-91) $ 7.00
Watching from the sidelines on bended knee and waiting his turn to contribute to Raiders.
Roger Craig - Give Me More   (Raiders/11-10-91) $ 7.00
Pushing ahead for more yardage despite a firm grip by Broncos' Michael Brooks.
Tony Dorsett - TD For The Cowboys   (Cowboys/01-07-79) $ 10.00
Holding up the ball as he crosses the goal line during NFC Playoffs against the Los Angeles Rams.
Tony Dorsett - Back In The Helmet   (Cowboys/08-17-85) $ 10.00
Slipping on his helmet as he prepares for practice session during traing camp.
Tony Dorsett - Dropped One   (Cowboys/09-16-85) $ 10.00
Frustration revealed by Tony after dropping a short pass.
John Elway - Sacked   (Broncos/10-20-86) $ 10.00
Action Photo with Elway going down under the Jets' grasp.
John Elway - It's Okay   (Broncos/10-20-86) $ 10.00
Dan Reeves gives his QB some encouragement after Elway was sacked.
John Elway - Ouch   (Broncos/11-09-86) $ 8.00
Elway gets crunched for a loss against Chargers.
John Elway - Ready For Battle   (Broncos/01-07-87) $ 10.00
Elway lets a pass fly during practice to get ready for AFC Championship matchup with Cleveland.
John Elway - Wounded But Able   (Broncos/01-08-87) $ 15.00
Loosening up his arm and a sprained left ankle heavily taped.
John Elway - Pleased Quarterback   (Broncos/01-11-87) $ 10.00
Celebrates team's 23-20 overtime victory over the Cleveland Browns for AFC Championship title.
John Elway - Happy Bronco   (Broncos/01-17-87) $ 10.00
Breaking into laughter at practice before confronting Giants in Super Bowl XXI. (Lightly bent upper rt. corner)
John Elway - Loosening Up   (Broncos/01-21-87) $ 10.00
Going through some calisthenics at the start of practice to ready for Super Bowl XXI.
John Elway - Looking For Targets   (Broncos/01-23-87) $ 10.00
During workout before Super Bowl XXI battle with New York Giants.
John Elway - Trapped   (Broncos/01-25-87) $ 10.00
No place to go for Elway, as Giants' Lawrence Taylor comes in for the kill.
John Elway - Loose Quarterback   (Broncos/01-16-88) $ 8.00
Elway slaps football back to teammate during a game of 'hot potato.'
John Elway - In The Grasp   (Broncos/12-03-89) $ 8.00
Raiders' Howie Long grabs Elway's arm prior to attempted release.
John Elway - Outta Here   (Broncos/12-16-89) $ 10.00
Scrambling from being sacked.
John Elway - Super Bowl Champ   (Broncos/01-14-90) $ 15.00
Full Facial Portrait sporting cap designating Broncos Super Bowl XXI Champions.
John Elway - Going Through The Motions   (Broncos/01-19-90) $ 10.00
Rearing back during conference championship win against the Cleveland Browns.
John Elway - Broncos Offense   (Broncos/01-19-90) $ 0.00
Elway in multi-player Bronco filer. (Lightly bended)
John Elway - Back To Pass   (Broncos/01-20-90) $ 10.00
Throwing ball during practice session and preparing for bout with the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV.
John Elway - Lighting Up Before Super Bowl   (Broncos/01-23-90) $ 8.00
Elway gives coach Dan Reeves a hug at the conclusion of media day prior to Super Bowl XXIV.
John Elway - On The Ground   (Broncos/09-09-90) $ 10.00
Elway picks himself up after sack.
John Elway - Slippery   (Broncos/12-01-91) $ 10.00
Elway gets flushed out of the pocket by Pats.
John Elway - Scramble   (Broncos/12-23-91) $ 10.00
Pursuit by Chargers' Leslie O'Neal.
John Elway - Divisional Winner   (Broncos/01-04-92) $ 10.00
Elway races off the field with one finger pointed victoriously following defeat of Houston Oilers. Broncos win Divisional Playoff game.
John Elway - On The Run   (Broncos/01-04-92) $ 10.00
Scrambling out of the pocket against Houston during AFC playoff.
Boomer Esiason - Under Pressure   (Bengals/12-15-86) $ 7.00
Looking for a receiver as Browns' Clay Mathews wraps his right lower leg.
Boomer Esiason - Bengals Quarterback   (Bengals/01-13-89) $ 7.00
Carrying the ball during AFC divisional playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.
Boomer Esiason - Bengal Bash   (Bengals/01-17-89) $ 7.00
Game action as Boomer reaches back to throw in Super Bowl XXIII.
Boomer Esiason - Dynamic Duo   (Bengals/01-06-91) $ 7.00
Dual photo with Boomer on right, and running back Harold Green on left for first round AFC Playoff.
Jim Harbaugh - My Turn   (Bears/12-08-88) $ 7.00
Throwing in practice to get ready to replace injured starter Mike Tomczak.
Rocket Ismail - Lot of (3) Different   (Raiders/04-23-91) $ 10.00
Jim Kelly - Happy Moment   (Happy Moment/08-18-86) $ 7.00
Smiling with owner Ralph Wilson and hold up jersey of his new team the Buffalo Bills.
Jim Kelly - Letting It Fire   (Bill/01-24-91) $ 7.00
Firing a pass during practice session prior to Super Bowl XXV against the New York Giants.
Jim Kelly - First Touchdown In Super Bowl XXV   (Bills/01-27-91) $ 10.00
Celebrating TD with upraised pointed hands. Has Orange 'cel' overlay.
Jim Kelly - Letting It Fly   (Bills/01-05-92) $ 8.00
Heaving a pass during AFC Playoff game against Kansas City Chiefs. Bills advanced on 37-14 win.
Jim Kelly - Kelly Caught   (Bills/01-26-92) $ 8.00
Tackled by Redskins Wilber Marshall during Super Bowl XXVI loss.
Jim Kelly - Tough Day   (Bills/01-26-92) $ 8.00
A dejected Kelly leaves the field after suffering second consecutive Super Bowl loss.
Bernie Kosar - Rookie At The Helm   (Browns/07-22-85) $ 8.00
Calling signals during the teams summertime practice session.
Bernie Kosar - No, This Way   (Browns/10-29-89) $ 8.00
Pump-faking and then carrying the ball for running yards.
Dan Marino - Looking For A Receiver   (Dolphins/01-07-85) $ 15.00
Searching for a receiver downfield during AFC Championship game against Steelers.
Dan Marino - Million Dollar Smile   (Dolphins/09-06-86) $ 10.00
No wonder he's got a great big ear-to-ear grin. He just signed a 6-year contract for $9 million earlier in the day.
Dan Marino - Farewell   (Dolphins/10-30-89) $ 15.00
Leaving the field with Bills' Jim Kelly and rehashing the Dolphins' loss.
Dan Marino - Back With The Fish   (Dolphins/08-20-91) $ 10.00
With team president Tim Robbie preparing to sign a five-year contract extension.
Dan Marino - Something To Smile About   (Dolphins/08-20-91) $ 10.00
All smiles at a press conference announcing a five-year contract extension with Dolphins.
Jim McMahon - (4) DIFFERENT Wire Photos. 2 w/Brigham Young   (Bears/11-23-86) $ 20.00
Joe Montana - Joltin' Joe   (49ers/01-21-85) $ 15.00
Tucking the ball and scampering for a first down against Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX. Joe led the 'Niners to a 38-16 win. (Staple in left corner)
Joe Montana - A Happy Guy   (49ers/07-14-88) $ 15.00
Refreshing Facial Portrait taken at news conference during summer training camp.
Joe Montana - Celebrates Third Super Bowl Victory   (49ers/01-23-89) $ 20.00
Letting out a yell and hoisting his helmet in victory after win overCincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII.
Joe Montana - Super Welcome   (49ers/02-03-89) $ 20.00
Greeted by President George Bush at the White House as Joe offers a football to the president. Jerry Rice standing next to Joe.
Joe Montana - Headed To The Super Bowl   (49ers/01-14-90) $ 15.00
Throwing during win over Rams at Candlestick Park.
Joe Montana - Getting Ready   (49ers/01-19-90) $ 15.00
Warming up in preparation for Super Bowl confrontation with the Denver Broncos.
Joe Montana - San Francisco Offense   (49ers/01-19-90) $ 15.00
Team File Photo to accompany Super Bowl stories. Also picture are Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.
Joe Montana - Dynamic Duo   (49ers/01-29-90) $ 20.00
Chatting with wide receiver Jerry Rice after thrashing Denver Broncos 55-10 in Super Bowl.
Joe Montana - AP Male Athlete Of The Year   (49ers/01-14-91) $ 15.00
Looking for a receiver in NFC playoff game against the Washington Redskins. Photo to accompany story on being voted Male Athlete Of The Year by the Associated Press.
Joe Montana - Football In The Summer   (49ers/07-29-91) $ 15.00
Walking up stairs at Berlin's Olympic and training for upcoming exhibition game with the Chicago Bears.
Warren Moon - Moon Rising   (Oilers/12-08-91) $ 8.00
Beaming following victory and signals 'number one' after capturing AFC Central Division title.
Warren Moon - Dodging Defenders   (Oilers/01-04-92) $ 8.00
Avoiding the rush of Broncos' Jeff Mills during AFC Playoff Game.
Joe Namath - Untitled   (Jets/--) $ 20.00
Partial Ready Print Photo with Text Absent. Has cut Orange 'Cel' Overlay.
Jerry Rice - Top Vote Getter   (49ers/01-08-86) $ 20.00
12/27/85 File Photo to accompany story on being named NFC's Rookie Of The Year.
Jerry Rice - Hope To Break TD Catch Record   (49ers/12-12-87) $ 15.00
Holding the ball in the air after scoring his first of three touchdowns. He needs three more to break the NFL record for the most catches in a season (which he eventually does get).
Jerry Rice - Record Breaker   (49ers/12-20-87) $ 15.00
Happily gesturing on the sidelines following his record breaking touchdown catch to set NFL pass catching record with 19 TDs in a season.
Jerry Rice - On To The Super Bowl   (49ers/01-15-89) $ 15.00
Wearing a cap that reads '49ers Super Bowl XXIV', Jerry leaps into the arms of teammate Matt Millen as they celebrate NFC Championship victory over the Los Angeles Rams.
Jerry Rice - Happiness Is   (49ers/01-22-89) $ 15.00
Kissing the trophy after the 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl XXIII.
Jerry Rice - Rice Strikes Again   (49ers/01-28-90) $ 15.00
Scoring his second touchdown in first half action at Super Bowl XXIV.
Jerry Rice - Overseas   (49ers/08-03-91) $ 15.00
Exulting with raised arm following victory in match with Chicago Bears at Berlin's Olympic Stadium.
Jerry Rice - Still Friends   (49ers/09-30-91) $ 15.00
Talking with Raiders' Roger Craig, a former teammate.
Jerry Rice - Winners   (49ers/12-01-91) $ 15.00
Being congratulated by teammate Steve Bono after catching winning TD pass.
Barry Sanders - Picking Up Yards   (Lions/10-29-89) $ 15.00
Racing around a charging Packers' Robert Brown en route to 184-yard game.
Barry Sanders - Hot On His Heels   (Lions/11-23-90) $ 15.00
Turning the corner with expression of fear as Broncos linebacker Simon Fletcher comes breathing down his neck.
Barry Sanders - Running For TD   (Lions/12-10-90) $ 15.00
Gets past Raiders' safety Mike Harden and heads down field for a 35 yard touchdown run.
Barry Sanders - Flying High   (Lions/09-15-91) $ 15.00
Airborne as he goes for a large gain untouched.
Barry Sanders - Running Man   (Lions/12-23-91) $ 15.00
Eluding Bills' Cornelius Bennett.
Deion Sanders - You Can't Catch Me   (Falcons/11-06-89) $ 8.00
High-stepping up the field after kickoff return against the Bills.
Deion Sanders - Prime Time Decision   (Falcons/07-30-90) $ 8.00
Photo to accompany announcement from Yankee Stadium that he will sign with the Atlanta Falcons.
Deion Sanders - Gettin' Loose   (Falcons/08-13-90) $ 8.00
Working out in pre-season for the Falcons, instead of finishing the baseball season with the New York Yankees.
Deion Sanders - Falcon Interception   (Falcons/12-28-91) $ 8.00
Running from the Saints' Quinn Early after intercepting a pass.
Junior Seau - Sacked   (Chargers/10-21-88) $ 7.00
USC standout celebrating after sacking Notre Dame's Tony Rice.
Junior Seau - Swing Your Partner   (Chargers/11-05-88) $ 7.00
As a USC linebacker tossing another QB.
Junior Seau - Seau To Enter NFL Draft   (Chargers/02-08-90) $ 7.00
Announcing at press conference that he will skip his final year of college and enter the NFL draft.
Junior Seau - Special To San Diego   (Chargers/04-22-90) $ 7.00
With Commissioner Paul Tagliabue at press conference announcing his draft by the San Diego Chargers.
Junior Seau - Welcome To The Pros   (Chargers/09-20-90) $ 7.00
Working out with the Chargers defense.
Junior Seau - Pool Time   (Chargers/09-15-91) $ 7.00
Springboard-diving over the line to get at Falcons' Chris Chandler.
OJ Simpson - Untitle Heisman Photo   (Bills/--) $ 10.00
No Text or Date accompany this photo taken during a press conference with OJ posing with the Heisman Trophy. (Lightly retouched)
OJ Simpson - Sidelined   (Bills/07-23-69) $ 10.00
Rookie OJ on the bench during exhibition game with Colts.
OJ Simpson - Savors His Big Day   (Bills/12-17-73) $ 6.00
Breaking into a happy smile after studying AP wirephoto which gave him a season total thus far of 1869 yards, surpassing Jim Brown's record. (Parts retouched w/blk. marker)
OJ Simpson - Squeezing The Smiles   (Bills/12-17-73) $ 8.00
With teammates and being interviewed by television commentator in the Bills' dressing room following his setting of a new single-season rushing record of 2,003 yards.
OJ Simpson - Player Of The Year   (Bills/01-10-74) $ 8.00
Appearing to take on the boxing stance at practice.
OJ Simpson - Sign These   (Bills/01-17-75) $ 8.00
Signing a group of souvenir footballs at the Pro Bowl with a reclining Larry Csonka of the Dolphins relaxing in the background.
OJ Simpson - The Juice Got Squeezed   (Bills/10-21-75) $ 10.00
A dejected looking OJ sits alone on the Bills' bench while his defensive squad fails to hold the Giants, who win by a field goal.
OJ Simpson - Big Gain   (Bills/11-25-76) $ 8.00
Breaking a tackle on the way to a single game record of 273 yards rushing.
OJ Simpson - Heisman Candidate   (Bills/11-30-76) $ 10.00
File Photo with Orange Cel overlay for use with stories on Heisman Tropy winner.
OJ Simpson - It's Over   (Bills/12-17-79) $ 8.00
Heading for the dressing room after playing in his final game, leaving the NFL as it's second leading rusher.
OJ Simpson - Where's A Shovel?   (Bills/11-30-83) $ 8.00
1973 File Photo depicting OJ running in a blizzard and then shattering NFL season rushing record.
OJ Simpson - 1985 Hall Of Famers   (Bills/08-03-85) $ 10.00
Posing with fellow new HOF inductees and their bronze busts. Pictured are Frank Gatski, Joe Namath, Pete Rozelle, OJ and Roger Staubach.
Emmitt Smith - Rushing Title   (Cowboys/12-22-91) $ 15.00
Reacting after scoring a six-yard TD in fourth quarter against the Falcons. (Several small tears)
Emmitt Smith - Running On   (Cowboys/12-22-91) $ 15.00
Stiff-arming his way past Falcons' Scott Case.
Ken Stabler - In The Snake Pit   (Raiders/08-10-71) $ 8.00
Jerked out of throwing position by a good yank on his jersey by Eagles Don Hultz.
Ken Stabler - Top Dog   (Raiders/12-16-74) $ 8.00
A sweaty Stabler pauses in locker room reflecting on being named AFC Player Of The Year.
Ken Stabler - Stabler Readies A Pass   (Raiders/12-23-74) $ 8.00
Looking downfield for an open man as Dolphins' Bill Stanfill comes on in hot pursuit.
Ken Stabler - Stabler Under Fire   (Raiders/08-17-75) $ 8.00
Sprinting away from Steelers' Steve Furness.
Ken Stabler - Han Warmer For Stabler   (Raiders/01-04-76) $ 8.00
Wearing large mittens on his hands to keep warm on the sidelines of AFC championship game against the Steelers.
Ken Stabler - Sign This, Please   (Raiders/01-05-77) $ 8.00
Surrounded by a few kids, Kenny takes the time to autograph for them at workout before meeting Minnesota in Super Bowl.
Fran Tarkenton - How The Vikings Protect The Passer   (Vikings/12-22-73) $ 8.00
Overhead view shows the indefensible blocking support.
Fran Tarkenton - Fran's In Trouble   (Vikings/01-14-74) $ 10.00
Wire Photo with Printer's Orange 'Cel' Overlay.
Fran Tarkenton - The Trouble Was Here   (Vikings/07-28-75) $ 8.00
Checking his throwing arm that he had spent the whole off season exercising.
Fran Tarkenton - Tarkenton Honored   (Vikings/01-29-76) $ 8.00
Talking with newsmen prior to receiving Maxwell Club trophy as outstanding football player of 1975.
Fran Tarkenton - Tarkenton Ready   (Vikings/12-25-76) $ 8.00
Lazy conversation with anyone who would listen.
Fran Tarkenton - It's Over   (Vikings/01-30-77) $ 10.00
A dejected Tarkenton sits on his helmet finishing his fourth Super Bowl without a win.
Fran Tarkenton - Hall Of Famer   (Vikings/08-02-86) $ 8.00
Posing with bronze bust of his likeness at HOF induction ceremony.
Vinny Testaverde - Celebrates Score   (Miama/11-03-86) $ 7.00
Holding the football high as he crosses the goal line for a touchdown against Florida State. Hurricanes won 41-23.
Joe Theismann - Checkin' It Out   (Notre Dame/12-29-70) $ 8.00
Checking the astroturf in the Cotton Bowl as Notre Dames works out for their game with the University of Texas.
Joe Theismann - Retirement Looms   (Redskins/06-10-86) $ 8.00
Working out slowly to resume career after his left leg was fractured.
Johhny Unitas - Unitas Injured   (Colts/Chargers/11-05-73) $ 8.00
Concerned players watch as Chargers' QB is clutching his shoulder in pain.
Johnny Unitas - Awarded   (Colts/01-07-65) $ 10.00
Holding Halas 1964 All-Star Pro Bowl Player of The Year trophy.
Johnny Unitas - Unitas Nurses Injured Ribs   (Colts/01-17-71) $ 10.00
Holding an ice pack to his injured ribs as he sits on the bench atSuper Bowl.
Johnny Unitas - No More Touchdowns   (Colts/Chargers/07-25-74) $ 7.00
At age 41, announcing his retirement at an impromptu news conference. (Head was retouched)
Herschel Walker - Herschel Walker   (12-31-80) $ 8.00
As a freshman at University Of Georgia heading for practice.
Herschel Walker - Going My Way   (12-04-82) $ 7.00
Running upfield during his college days at Georgia.
Herschel Walker - Football Season   (12-06-82) $ 8.00
Joined by Bob Hope during rehearsals for All-American TV show.
Herschel Walker - Adding Yards   (Generals/06-11-85) $ 7.00
Gaining ground during his stay in the USFL. (Bottom border tear)
Herschel Walker - Outta My Way!   (Cowboys/10-05-86) $ 8.00
Stepping over Denver's Louis Wright during first quarter action at Denver.
Herschel Walker - Time's Up   (Cowboys/12-05-86) $ 7.00
Full Face Portrait from news conference announcing this may be his last season.
Herschel Walker - Double Trouble   (Cowboys/12-28-87) $ 8.00
Coming on like a train and first NFL player to have more than 700 yards rushing and receiving.
Herschel Walker - Close   (Cowboys/12-18-88) $ 8.00
Falling through the Eagles line with ball held firmly in touchdown attempt.
Herschel Walker - Newest Viking   (Vikings/10-12-89) $ 7.00
Displaying his new Vikings' jersey at press conference.
Herschel Walker - New Set Of Horns   (Vikings/10-12-89) $ 7.00
With Viking head coach Jerry Burns, Herschel displays his new jerseyafter being traded from the Dallas Cowboys.
Herschel Walker - Fun At Work   (Vikings/10-13-89) $ 8.00
Smiling through calisthenics the day after he was traded from the Dallas Cowboys.
Herschel Walker - You Go That Way   (Vikings/10-13-89) $ 7.00
Coach Tom Batta pointing out play routes to an attentive Walker.
Herschel Walker - Now Let Me Get This Straight   (Vikings/10-14-89) $ 7.00
Quizzical-looking Herschel questioning coach Tom Batta at practice.
Herschel Walker - Sidelined   (Vikings/11-06-90) $ 7.00
Watching from the sidelines after being sent from the Dallas Cowboysto the Minnesota Vikings.

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