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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Alcindor Makes It Look Easy   (UCLA/12-29-66) $ 20.00
Triple-Photo treatment in pursuit of rebound and grabbing ball to whirl for a shot.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - College Player Of The Year   (Lakers/02-28-69) $ 15.00
Sitting at center court, Lew Alcindor at Pauley Pavilion, where he has never played a losing game in four years!
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Family Discussion   (Bucks/01-27-71) $ 15.00
A young Lew Alcindor talks with his father in a dressing room before game with the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The elder Alcindor had just been recently promoted to lieutenant in the New York City transit police.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - The Hook!   (Bucks/10-18-73) $ 15.00
First glimpse at Kareem's 'sky hook.'
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - The Press Is On   (Bucks/05-13-74) $ 15.00
Dave Cowens and Celtic full court press thwart Bucks to capture NBA Champioship.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Voice Of Annoyance   (Bucks/03-12-75) $ 15.00
In a rare display of pique, Jabbar protests a fourth foul against him and later was assessed a technical.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Next Stop?   (Bucks/06-16-75) $ 15.00
Just before being traded to the Lakers.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Happy Fellow   (Lakers/06-17-75) $ 15.00
Jabbar is all smiles during a news conference after his trade to the Lakers was announced.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - That's The Stuff   (Lakers/01-12-76) $ 15.00
Kareem slams a stiff shot against former team, the Bucks.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - It's Mine!   (Lakers/02-03-76) $ 15.00
Grabbing rebound against Jo Jo White during All-Star Game action.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Dominating   (Lakers/01-24-77) $ 15.00
Jabbar makes move against Pacers' Dave Robisch.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Stuffed!   (Lakers/02-09-77) $ 0.00
Buffalo Braves George Johnson gets his shot blocked by Kareem.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Ready To Pounce   (Lakers/04-21-77) $ 15.00
Early in his Laker career, Kareem on bended knees ready from the sidelines.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Matching Up   (Lakers/05-08-77) $ 10.00
During playoffs versus Portland, Kareem lofts hook over the arms of defending Bill Walton. (Several minor wrinkles)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Come Get It   (Lakers/10-31-79) $ 15.00
Kareem looking for the lane.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Waiting   (Lakers/10-21-80) $ 15.00
Kareems dribble is smashed into the hardwood.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - The Force   (Lakers/12-17-80) $ 15.00
His eye on an outlet pass, Kareem grabs rebound.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - All-Time Scoring Great   (Lakers/04-05-84) $ 15.00
Holding up game ball he used to break Wilt Chamberlain's NBA scoring record. Includes Cel Overlay.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Kareemed!!!   (Lakers/11-16-84) $ 15.00
Reggie Theus trying to contained the bespectacled Kareem.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Happy MVP   (Lakers/06-09-85) $ 10.00
Hoisting NBA Championship trophy aloft, Kareem celebrates victory after defeating the Boston Celtics for title. (Bottom rt. corner bend)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Happy MVP   (Lakers/06-09-85) $ 15.00
Kareem holding NBA Championship trophy aloft as he celebrates victory over Boston Celtics. At 38, chosen series MVP.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Mr. MVP   (Lakers/06-10-85) $ 15.00
Victory cigar clenched in mouth, Kareem gestures in the locker room after Lakers defeat Celtics to win NBA Championship.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Blocks Bucket!   (Lakers/02-09-86) $ 15.00
At All-Star Game, Kareem before stuffing Isiah Thomas.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Going For It   (Lakers/04-23-86) $ 15.00
Western Division Playoff action with Jabbar tossing ball over Nugget's Blair Rasmussen.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Back Handed Stuff   (Lakers/05-21-86) $ 15.00
Lays in a reverse dunk against Rockets' Ralph Sampson.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Going For The Slam   (Lakers/02-24-87) $ 15.00
Fourth quarter action at Phoenix with this great 'through the backboard' shot.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Hooked   (Lakers/10-14-87) $ 15.00
As Warriors' John Starks looks on, Kareem goes over Ralph Sampson with a sky-hook.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Here I Come   (Lakers/01-18-88) $ 15.00
Getting ready to move past an outstretched Jim Peterson of the Houston Rockets.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Bomb Over Barkley   (Lakers/03-08-88) $ 15.00
76er's Charles Barkley watches helplessly as Kareem arcs with the sky-hook.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Winning Ways   (Lakers/06-04-88) $ 15.00
Kareem Sky-Bound!!!
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Celebration Time   (Lakers/06-12-88) $ 20.00
Exhanging high-fives with teammate Magic Johnson during NBA finals with the Detroit Pistons.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Blocked Shot   (Lakers/06-21-88) $ 15.00
Game action during NBA Championships vs. Detroit Pistons.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Good-Bye To The Garden   (Lakers/12-17-88) $ 15.00
Kareem waves at the crowd in the Boston Garden. This was his last regular season game there, and was given a piece of the hardwood floor as a memento.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Farewell Dunk   (Lakers/12-20-88) $ 15.00
Slamming during first quarter action against the Chicago Bulls. This is Kareem's last game in Chicago during his NBA career.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Wrangler Kareem   (Lakers/02-23-89) $ 15.00
On the occasion of final visit to Salt Lake City, the Utah Jazz presented Kareem with a cowboy hat, western belt, jacket, a pair of rattlesnake skin boots and a custom shotgun.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Farewell   (Lakers/07-30-89) $ 20.00
Surrounded by fans after he scored his last sky-hook during an exhibition match against the Taiwan team. The Americans won 133-117.
Larry Bird - Bird/Magic Matchup   (Celtics/03-30-79) $ 10.00
Indiana's Larry Bird gives a helping hand to fallen Magic Johnson of Michigan State during final game of the 1979 NCAA men's basketball championship in Salt Lake City.
Larry Bird - In Pain   (Celtics/04-21-85) $ 8.00
Grimacing after landing on the floor during first period NBA playoff action against the Cavaliers.
Larry Bird - Tight Quarters   (Celtics/10-30-85) $ 8.00
Bird maneuvers aroound Bucks' Terry Cummings.
Larry Bird - Under Pressure   (Celtics/02-17-86) $ 10.00
Boston's Bird eluding a close press. This wire photo also includes RED Printer's Overlay.
Larry Bird - Looking For Points   (Celtics/02-15-87) $ 10.00
Close-Up of Bird at the free throw line.
Larry Bird - Happy Bird   (Celtics/05-31-87) $ 8.00
Bird reacting with pleasure to a ref's call.
Larry Bird - Sporting A New Look   (Celtics/03-09-88) $ 10.00
Larry sporting 'Kareem' goggles after suffering a badly bruised eye.
Larry Bird - Muscle!!   (Celtics/12-20-89) $ 8.00
Bird wrestling to the hoop against Utah's Theodore Edwards.
Larry Bird - Can't Stop Him   (Celtics/11-30-90) $ 10.00
Driving to the hoop against Bullets' Harvey Grant.
Larry Bird - There It Is   (Celtics/03-29-91) $ 10.00
Bird in loose ball confrontation.
Larry Bird - Body English   (Celtics/11-23-91) $ 6.00
Bird twisting and turning to avoid Terry Mills' grasp.
Larry Bird - Bird Board   (Celtics/03-15-92) $ 8.00
Battling for the boards and getting 14 rebounds, Bird also scored 49 points in this matchup with the Blazers.
Larry Bird - Bird Retires   (Celtics/08-18-92) $ 10.00
With ice on his back during one of the rounds of the XXV Summer Olympics.
Larry Bird - Goodbye   (Celtics/08-18-92) $ 8.00
Full-Face Portrait of Bird announcing his retirement.
Larry Bird - Flying The Coop   (Celtic/08-18-92) $ 8.00
Bird announces his retirement at press conference.
Patrick Ewing - Lot of (14) DIFFERENT   (Knicks/12-24-85) $ 50.00
Larry Bird & Magic Johnson on several photos!!
John Havlicek - Lays Up Shot   (Celtics/01-21-74) $ 10.00
Laying up a shot over Warriors' Jim Barnett.
John Havlick - Congratulations In Order   (Celtics/01-12-74) $ 15.00
Lakers' Pat Riley extends his hand to John for scoring his 20,001th career point.
Michael Jordan - Jamming Jordan   (Bulls/01-29-84) $ 25.00
North Carolina forward goes high to dunk ball during college play.
Michael Jordan - Early Award   (Bulls/03-14-84) $ 25.00
Photo from North Carolina days to accompany coverage after being selected UPI International Player Of The Year.
Michael Jordan - Awards Time   (Bulls/03-27-84) $ 25.00
Still a junior at North Carolina, Jordan displays Eastman Award as the nation's top collegiate basketball player.
Michael Jordan - Up And In   (Bulls/07-03-84) $ 25.00
Dunking during practice.
Michael Jordan - Bulls' Top Pick   (Bulls/09-12-84) $ 30.00
Addressing reporters at news conference after signing a seven-year contract with the Chicago Bulls.
Michael Jordan - Jumpin' Jordan   (Bulls/03-16-87) $ 20.00
Under the hoop and confronted by Rockets' Rodney McCray.
Michael Jordan - Overpowering   (Bulls/02-07-88) $ 20.00
Action during All-Star game, Michael snagging ball under West's James Donaldson.
Michael Jordan - NBA's MVP   (Bulls/02-08-88) $ 20.00
Holding NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy.
Michael Jordan - Black Athlete Of The Year   (Bulls/02-09-88) $ 20.00
Holding trophy.
Michael Jordan - Stand Back   (Bulls/04-03-88) $ 20.00
Avoiding a pursuant Pistons' Adrian Dantley.
Michael Jordan - Aerial Battle   (Bulls/05-03-88) $ 20.00
Being cut off by Cavaliers' Ron Harper during Playoff action.
Michael Jordan - Jordan Sets Record   (Bulls/11-22-88) $ 20.00
Going up and around Knicks' Bill Cartwright on the way to scoring 40 points.
Michael Jordan - High Point Streak Snapped   (Bulls/11-30-88) $ 20.00
Sitting on the bench after failing to lead Chicago in scoring for the first time in 91 games.
Michael Jordan - Hand To Hand Driving   (Bulls/03-22-89) $ 20.00
Tongue wagging, Michael tangling with Suns' Jeff Hornacek.
Michael Jordan - Jordan Rally Not Enough   (Bulls/05-17-89) $ 20.00
Going up against Knicks' Sidney Green unable to foil loss.
Michael Jordan - All Smiles   (Bulls/05-21-89) $ 20.00
Grinning during a timeout in first game of Eastern Conference finals.
Michael Jordan - Flies In For A Score   (Bulls/05-21-89) $ 20.00
'Air'borne during first quarter action as Detroit Pistons' Rick Mahorn attempts to defend in Game 1 of the Eastern Confernece Finals.
Michael Jordan - Come Get It   (Bulls/01-03-90) $ 20.00
Putting the moves on Cavs' Larry Nance on the way up to the net.
Michael Jordan - Slamming Home Two   (Bulls/02-07-90) $ 20.00
Stop-action shot of Michael after dunking against Lakers' Mychal Thompson.
Michael Jordan - Outta My Way   (Bulls/03-03-90) $ 20.00
Standing his ground as Nets' Dennis Hopson tries to drive around Michael.
Michael Jordan - Reach Higher   (Bulls/03-04-90) $ 30.00
Outreaching Celtics' Larry Bird falling far short of blocking Michael's shot.
Michael Jordan - Drive Past   (Bulls/03-13-90) $ 20.00
Moving up the court with Knicks' Charles Oakley defending.
Michael Jordan - Bustin' It   (Bulls/05-28-90) $ 20.00
Leading a fast break up the court past Pistons' Joe Dumars during Eastern Conference finals.
Michael Jordan - It's Goin' In!   (Bulls/01-04-91) $ 20.00
Slam dunking action up close!
Michael Jordan - Michael Soars   (Bulls/01-09-91) $ 20.00
Caught mid-air on the way to the hoop.
Michael Jordan - Michael Rolls On   (Bulls/01-10-91) $ 20.00
Driving past 76ers' Hersey Hawkins.
Michael Jordan - I Got It   (Bulls/02-14-91) $ 20.00
Going after a loose ball with Knicks' Jerrod Mustaf in hot pursuit.
Michael Jordan - Up And Over   (Bulls/03-01-91) $ 20.00
Going up for two points over Mavericks' Rolando Blackman.
Michael Jordan - Chase   (Bulls/03-29-91) $ 20.00
Scrambling after ball along with Bullets' Tom Hammonds.
Michael Jordan - Hands Off   (Bulls/04-07-91) $ 20.00
Getting a shot blocked by 76ers' Armon Gilliam.
Michael Jordan - Go For It   (Bulls/05-19-91) $ 20.00
Reaching for ball along with Pistons' Mark Aguirre during Eastern Conference finals.
Michael Jordan - It's Mine   (Bulls/05-19-91) $ 20.00
Sprawled on the hardwood and battling for possession with Pistons' Mark Aguirre in NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - Watching Airborne Jordan   (Bulls/05-25-91) $ 20.00
With spectators in awe, Jordan goes way up as he shoots over Pistons' Mark Aguirre in Eastern Conference Finals.
Michael Jordan - Enjoya-Bull!   (Bulls/05-27-91) $ 20.00
Michael and teammte Horace Grant smiling from the bench at the imminent demise of the Detroit Pistons in game four of the NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - Center Of Attention   (Bulls/06-01-91) $ 20.00
Swarmed by reporters before practice facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the first game of the NBA Championships.
Michael Jordan - Hammer Time   (Bulls/06-02-91) $ 20.00
Getting shot blocked by Lakers' Sam Perkins during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - Hey Hey Hey   (Bulls/06-06-91) $ 20.00
Being checked by Lakers' Byron Scott in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - Oh, That Toe!   (Bulls/06-10-91) $ 20.00
Bent over and grimacing after jamming right big toe in Game 4 of the NBA Finals versus the Los Angeles Lakers.
Michael Jordan - How Sweet It Is   (Bulls/06-12-91) $ 25.00
Overcome with emotion, clutching 1991 NBA Trophy after winning finals against Lakers. (Staple in far left corner)
Michael Jordan - Through The Hoop   (Bulls/06-12-91) $ 20.00
Caught in a powerful shot, slamming home a dunk during NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.
Michael Jordan - Victory Trophy   (Bulls/06-12-91) $ 25.00
With game trophy after the Bulls 108-101 win over the Los Angeles Lakers in game five for the NBA championship.
Michael Jordan - MVP   (Bulls/06-18-91) $ 20.00
Posing for the press with NBA Finals MVP trophy.
Michael Jordan - Air Time   (Bulls/10-03-91) $ 20.00
Talking with reporters during media day.
Michael Jordan - Questioned   (Bulls/10-04-91) $ 20.00
Surrounded by microphones during Bull' media day.
Michael Jordan - People In The News   (Bulls/10-31-91) $ 20.00
File photo of Michael to accompany an Ebony magazine interview given by his wife who says, 'he's a good husband and father.'
Michael Jordan - On A Roll   (Bulls/12-07-91) $ 20.00
Suspended ball gets Michael and teammate Horace Grant's attention.
Michael Jordan - Another One For The Mantlepiece   (Bulls/12-17-91) $ 20.00
Posing with trophy after being acknowledged as 1991 Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year.
Michael Jordan - AP Male Athlete Of The Year   (Bulls/01-13-92) $ 20.00
File photo to accompany story after being named the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year for 1991.
Michael Jordan - Air And Hare   (Bulls/01-23-92) $ 25.00
Copy of ad featuring Michael and Bugs Bunny.
Michael Jordan - Scoring Title   (Bulls/04-19-92) $ 20.00
Looking to the basket after winning his sixth consecutive scoring title.
Michael Jordan - Love Them Bulls   (Bulls/05-17-92) $ 20.00
Applauding his teammates and the fans as he leaves the game following advance to the Eastern Conference finals.
Michael Jordan - Bulls Lineup   (Bulls/06-01-92) $ 20.00
1991 File Photo picturing Michael, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Bill Cartwirght and John Paxson.
Michael Jordan - Whoop It Up   (Bulls/06-03-92) $ 20.00
Letting out a yell under the basket after dunking the ball during NBA finals against the Portland Trail Blazers.
Michael Jordan - Hot Handed   (Bulls/06-04-92) $ 20.00
Shooting over Trail Blazers' Clyde Drexler during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - Intimidation   (Bulls/06-05-92) $ 20.00
Looming over Trail Blazers' Buck Williams at Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan - That's All   (Bulls/10-06-93) $ 25.00
Announcing his retirement from the NBA at news conference.
Shaquille O'Neal - Two Thru!   (LSU/07-09-90) $ 12.00
Shaq, in his LSU college days, slamming one through the hoop during North vs South game at the 1990 U.S.Olympic Festival. While trying to dunk the ball, he tore the rim off the backboard!
Shaquille O'Neal - The Shag   (Magic/06-26-92) $ 15.00
Shaq on the mound throws out the first pitch before an Orlando Sun Rays minor league baseball game.
David Robinson - Over The Top   (Spurs/02-14-90) $ 10.00
Shooting over Celtics' Robert Parrish.
Bill Walton - Walton Up To Score   (UCLA/03-02-73) $ 7.00
Starting his descent after scoring during Pacific-8 game versus University Of California.
Bill Walton - Hemmed In   (UCLA/03-23-73) $ 7.00
Action during NCAA western regional playoffs against Daytona.
Bill Walton - Catch Me If You Can   (UCLA/03-23-73) $ 7.00
Dribbling past San Francisco's Eric Ferston in the NCAA west regional playoffs.
Bill Walton - New Kid   (Trail Blazers/09-28-74) $ 8.00
Sporting a beard and a headband as he makes his debut in the NBA.
Bill Walton - Taking Aim   (Trail Blazers/10-19-74) $ 7.00
Casting a steely eye at the basket while at the free throw line.
Bill Walton - In The Squeeze   (Trail Blazers/11-09-74) $ 7.00
Sandwiched between two Philadelphia 76er defenders.
Bill Walton - Follow Through   (Trail Blazers/12-09-74) $ 7.00
Holding his follow through and intently focused on the ball's path.
Bill Walton - Walton The Announcer   (Trail Blazers/11-22-75) $ 7.00
Assisting in a radio broadcast while out of action with an ankle injury.
Bill Walton - Walton Out For Up To Six Weeks   (Trail Blazers/02-09-76) $ 7.00
Wearing a head band, long hair, an 'Amish' beard and the general wardrobe of the Woodstock generation.
Bill Walton - Walton Hunts Path To The Basket   (Trail Blazers/04-12-76) $ 7.00
Bending low looking for a break to the hoop.
Bill Walton - I'll Take That   (Trail Blazers/12-28-76) $ 7.00
Wrestling the ball free from Bulls' Cliff Poindexter.
Bill Walton - Stopping Issel   (Trail Blazers/04-20-77) $ 10.00
Blocking Denver Nuggets Dan Issel in a great confrontational shot below the rim.
Bill Walton - Doesn't Think He Can Play Any Better   (Trail Blazers/05-24-77) $ 10.00
Putting the defensive moves on Lakers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Bill Walton - Intimidator   (Trail Blazers/01-17-78) $ 7.00
Hovering high in the air over Knicks' Spencer Haywood.
Bill Walton - Other Interests   (Trail Blazers/08-09-78) $ 7.00
1978 File Photo to accompany story on Walton's desire to be traded.
Bill Walton - Somebody Help!   (UCLA/08-01-82) $ 7.00
Looking for an outlet pass in exhibition game against UNLV.
Bill Walton - Walton In Boston   (Celtics/08-30-85) $ 7.00
Smiling as he takes a break from meetings involving his switch from the Clippers to the Celtics.
Bill Walton - Flying High   (Celtics/01-23-86) $ 7.00
Putting up a shot over Lakers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Bill Walton - Got It!   (Celtics/03-03-86) $ 7.00
Muscling a rebound from Pistons' Vinny Johnson.
Bill Walton - Passes Off   (Celtics 0/05-26-86) $ 10.00
Passing over (if that's possible) Rockets' Hakeem Olajuwon.
Bill Walton - Send In The Clowns   (Trail Blazers/Celtics/06-20-86) $ 7.00
Suited up in a clown's uniform before going on stage during a comedyshow.
Bill Walton - Here's How It Goes   (Blazers/Celtics/Clippers/04-17-91) $ 7.00
Instructing French coaches at a clinic sponsored by the NBA in Paris

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