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Hank Aaron - Thinking About The Record   (Braves/08-09-73) $ 15.00
Hank is shown taking a healthy cut at All-Star Game.
Hank Aaron - Eyeing A Record   (Braves/09-11-73) $ 20.00
Full facial portrait with the familiar modest Aaron grin.
Hank Aaron - Closing In On The Babe   (Braves/04-04-74) $ 15.00
Hank cracks 714th HR off Reds' Jack Billingham to tie Babe Ruth's lifetime total. Batting pose.
Hank Aaron - Instant Replay   (Braves/04-08-74) $ 15.00
04-08-84 Retransmitted Photo with renactment of record-breaking 715th Home Run.
Hank Aaron - 715th Homer!!   (Braves/04-08-74) $ 15.00
04-08-89 Retransmitted Photo with Hank in full swing watching record-breaking HR at Atlanta.
Hank Aaron - You're Out!!   (Brewers/04-05-77) $ 15.00
Photo text states Aaron strikes out with a Milwaukee County Board. Although no explanation is given as to why.
Hank Aaron - Pride In The Braves Farm System   (Braves/04-21-82) $ 15.00
Retired Aaron poses with photo of his record-breaking 715th career home run. Now Braves VP and director of player development, Hank sports a different uniform, a coat & tie!
Hank Aaron - Together In The Hall   (Braves/07-31-82) $ 15.00
Hank poses with Frank Robinson (Orioles) at their induction into the Hall Of Fame on August 1, 1982. They're seen with symbolic bats following their election in January.
Hank Aaron - New Members   (Braves/08-01-82) $ 15.00
Hank seated with Frank Robinson (Orioles) awaiting the start of HOF ceremonies. Also pictured is Bowie Kuhn, commissioner of baseball.
Roberto Alomar - Possible Rookie Of The Year   (Padres/11-07-90) $ 5.00
Pictured with brother Sandy Alomar Jr (Indians), who is a leading candidate for 1990 AL Rookie Of The Year.
Jeff Bagwell - Bip Is Nipped   (Asros/09-11-91) $ 8.00
Close Play at first with Bags nailing Bip Roberts.
Jeff Bagwell - NL Rookie Of The Year   (Astros/11-06-91) $ 8.00
Yogi Berra - Last Night Out   (Astros/10-01-89) $ 6.00
Yogi waving cap to crowd at Riverfront Stadium in the last game that he appears in.
Steve Carlton - Carlton Released   (Phillies/06-23-86) $ 8.00
Carlton winds up to throw during his final before being released by the Phillies.
Gary Carter - Hail To The Hero   (Mets/10-27-86) $ 8.00
Carter celebrates with Ray Knight following the Mets' decisive victory over Red Sox in the seventh game of the World Series.
Joe Carter - Lot of (7) DIFFERENT   (Blue Jays/--) $ 35.00
Leo Durocher - Lot of (6) DIFFERENT   (Cubs/Dodgers/03-22-75) $ 36.00
Cecil Fielder - Lot of (10) DIFFERENT   (Tigers/09-23-90) $ 30.00
Steve Garvey - The Seasons Over   (Dodgers/10-06-80) $ 8.00
The picture tells it all !!! (Left corner bent)
Steve Garvey - Wins Clemente Award   (Dodgers/03-12-81) $ 8.00
Steve Garvey - Providing The Margin   (Dodgers/10-17-81) $ 8.00
Dodgers tie NL Playoff Series with Garv's eighth inning home run.
Steve Garvey - Iron Man   (Dodgers/09-30-82) $ 8.00
Salutes the crowd with a tipped cap, when it was announced he moved into 4th place of all time consecutive games played.
Steve Garvey - Warming Up   (Padres/01-12-86) $ 6.00
At spring training in Tempe, Arizona starting his 18th major league season.
Steve Garvey - Signing With A Smile   (Padres/03-24-87) $ 6.00
Always generous with autograph hounds, Garv inks another one with a grin.
Steve Garvey - Injured   (Padres/04-27-87) $ 6.00
Apprehensive Garvey pondering season ending injury requiring shoulder operation.
Steve Garvey - Out For The Season   (Padres/05-28-87) $ 6.00
First baseman's season comes to an end because of shoulder injury.
Rich Gossage - New Pitcher In Camp   (Cubs/02-25-88) $ 8.00
Limbering up fielding grounders during spring training with his new team.
Ken Griffey Jr - Big League Teenager   (Mariners/04-05-89) $ 25.00
Kid Griff is all grin with Harold Reynolds before the start of his first major league game.
Ken Griffey Jr - Hasn't Taken Long   (Mariners/04-27-89) $ 20.00
Kid Griff makes immediate impact as a Rookie.
Ken Griffey Jr - Number Ten   (Mariners/06-05-89) $ 20.00
Rookie Griff eyes pitch and unloads to send the ball into the right field seats to notch another HR.
Ken Griffey Jr - Family Affair   (Mariners/06-08-89) $ 20.00
Senior and Junior Griffey kid around at poster featuring both of them in their teams' uniforms.
Ken Griffey Jr - On The Disabled List   (Mariners/07-25-89) $ 15.00
Game-Action File Photo to be accompanied with story on Griff who is placed on the disabled list after suffering broken hand in a Chicago hotel room caused by a fall in the shower.
Ken Griffey Jr - In Motion   (Mariners/08-30-89) $ 20.00
Rookie Griffey Jr watches his hit off Brewers starter Jeff Peterek (what ever happened to 'JP' anyway?)
Ken Griffey Jr - Welcome Home   (Mariners/04-06-90) $ 15.00
During Cactus League action, Griff hits 2-run homer.
Ken Griffey Jr - Congratulations From Dad   (Mariners/04-26-90) $ 20.00
Senior gives Junior kudos in dressing room after great catch robbing Yankees Jesse Barfield of a home run.
Ken Griffey Jr - Let's Celebrate   (Mariners/04-26-90) $ 15.00
Randy Johnson giving the Kid a high five!
Ken Griffey Jr - Signs   (Mariners/05-13-90) $ 15.00
Kid's Kids hanging over the rail for an autograph.
Ken Griffey Jr - The Sons   (Mariners/07-09-90) $ 20.00
Chatting with Barry Bonds at batting practice before 61st All-Star Game.
Ken Griffey Jr - Two-Run Homer   (Mariners/08-21-90) $ 15.00
Congratulated by teammate Alvin Davis after bonzo ball.
Ken Griffey Jr - Making History   (Mariners/08-29-90) $ 25.00
Griffey Senior joins the Mariners, making this the first time in major league history that a father and son will play for the same team.
Ken Griffey Jr - First Time Ever   (Mariners/08-30-90) $ 15.00
Ken and his dad at press conference where reporters announce that this is the first time in major league history that a father and son will play on the same team at the same time.
Ken Griffey Jr - Big Money Smile   (Mariners/03-01-91) $ 15.00
Kid and Dad exercise in the rain in Tempe, Arizona.
Ken Griffey Jr - Mister Autograph Man   (Mariners/03-30-91) $ 15.00
Signing for the throng of fans.
Ken Griffey Jr - In Fitter Times   (Mariners/04-02-91) $ 15.00
Griff jogs with his teammate and father, Ken Griffey Sr.
Ken Griffey Jr - In The Same Lineup   (Mariners/05-17-91) $ 15.00
Junior and Senior Griffey in the dugout waiting in the dugout. Kid bats 3rd and Dad bats 4th.
Ken Griffey Jr - Brotherly Talk   (Mariners/06-09-91) $ 20.00
Younger brother Craig giving Kid some advice.
Ken Griffey Jr - Pals   (Mariners/07-08-91) $ 15.00
The Kid shares a laugh with Harold Baines and Will Clark prior to 62nd All-Star Game.
Ken Griffey Jr - Pacified   (Mariners/02-27-92) $ 15.00
In a playful moment, Kid Griff shows off baby pacifier around his neck. Accused of whining too much since his arrival at spring training, coach Gene Clines delivered the gag.
Tony Gwynn - Slip-Sliding Away   (Padres/07-13-91) $ 8.00
Sliding in from right field to grab a fly ball.
Orel Hershiser - Big Gun   (Dodgers/05-02-89) $ 7.00
Winding up enroute to a six-hit shutout vs. the Pirates.
Orel Hershiser - Hershiser Returns   (Dodgers/01-14-91) $ 7.00
Warming up in the bullpen during Media Day at Dodger Stadium.
Burt Hooten - An Octet   (Dodgers/09-02-75) $ 8.00
Game action during his eighth straight win.
Elston Howard - Honored   (Yankees/06-10-77) $ 10.00
Displaying plaque presented to him at Yankee Stadium naming him 'Father Of The Year.'
Elston Howard - Former Yankee Star Dies   (Yankees/12-15-80) $ 10.00
1955 File Photo to accompany coverage of Elston's death at age 51.
Jim 'Catfish' Hunter - New In The Bronx   (Yankees/12-31-74) $ 8.00
At news conference to announce his signing by Yankees.
Jim 'Catfish' Hunter - Grounds Keeper   (Yankees/04-28-75) $ 8.00
Triple-Shot Photo with the 'Fish' trying to clean his cleats!!
Jim 'Catfish' Hunter - Another Deadly Foe   (Yankees/01-30-86) $ 8.00
Facing diagnosis of diabetes, the 'Fish' still in power stride.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie Jackson Hits Himself   (A's/04-17-74) $ 10.00
Power slugger grimaces after hitting himself with a foul tip. He then ook his ire out on pitcher Wilbur Wood by blasting a home run over the right field fence.
Reggie Jackson - Hurting All Over   (A's/06-18-74) $ 10.00
Full facial shot. Reggie says he's hurting all over after suffering an outfield collision with Bill North, the teammate he fought with in Detroit.
Reggie Jackson - On Record Setting Pace   (A's/06-27-74) $ 7.00
Taking a cut and slamming out 28th home run. Could become the first player to hit 31 big shots before the end of June.
Reggie Jackson - In Knots   (A's/07-18-74) $ 10.00
Twisted up at the plate after fouling off a Gaylord Perry pitch.
Reggie Jackson - Safe At Home   (Yankees/05-23-77) $ 7.00
Sliding home, safe scoring from 2nd on a wild throw by Boston Red Sox 3rd baseman Butch Hobson.
Reggie Jackson - Happy At His Work   (Yankees/03-04-78) $ 10.00
Late to spring training and fined $5000, Reggie still is all smiles limbering up.
Reggie Jackson - Really Carried Away   (Yankees/09-24-78) $ 7.00
Helped off the field after brawl with Indians' pitcher John Denny.
Reggie Jackson - The Rookie Got Him   (Yankees/10-11-78) $ 10.00
Slugger sitting in locker room after he was struck out by Dodgers' rookie pitcher Bob Welch with two outs and the winning runs on base. Result was Dodger 4-3 win in second game of the World Series.
Reggie Jackson - Power Is His Designation   (Yankees/10-11-78) $ 10.00
Full Facial Portrait during workouts for World Series against Dodgers.
Reggie Jackson - Ho Hum!   (Yankees/10-18-78) $ 7.00
Slugger caught yawning against the Dodgers. (Paper Fold upper rt. corner)
Reggie Jackson - Severs Timber   (Yankees/03-18-79) $ 10.00
Bat splits in Reggie's hands after taking hard swing and popping out against Mets during spring training.
Reggie Jackson - Stirring It Up   (Yankees/06-25-79) $ 10.00
Retransmitted photo from 1977 during happier times with Billy Martin.
Reggie Jackson - Familiar Scene   (Yankees/07-21-79) $ 10.00
Reggie looks disgusted after striking out.
Reggie Jackson - A Swing And A Miss   (Yankees/04-11-80) $ 10.00
Frustrated Reggie after KO.
Reggie Jackson - What, Me Worry?   (Yankees/07-05-80) $ 10.00
Reggie joking with heckler after being called a 'bum.'
Reggie Jackson - Airborne   (Yankees/07-08-80) $ 10.00
During action at the plate in 51st All-Star Game, Reggie appears to be be flying after fouling off a pitch.
Reggie Jackson - Proven Under Stress   (Yankees/02-17-81) $ 7.00
Retransmitted Photo from 1979 with Billy Martin sitting in dugout. Reggie coming to a team and manager that didn't want him, wouldn't talk to him, and fans who pelted his car with rocks.
Reggie Jackson - Clipping One Off   (Yankees/05-27-81) $ 7.00
Retransmitted 1980 Photo, watching a foul ball tip off his bat.
Reggie Jackson - Struggling   (Yankees/08-13-81) $ 10.00
Reggie grimaces after striking out and struggling with a season long batting slump.
Reggie Jackson - Loosen Up   (Yankees/08-29-81) $ 10.00
Rubbing shoulder during warm up prior to game with the White Sox.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie Dances!!   (Yankees/08-31-81) $ 15.00
Almost in a ballet pose avoiding inside pitch!!
Reggie Jackson - Bronx Bomb!!   (Yankees/10-08-81) $ 15.00
Unleashing two-run homer over Brewers for second straight win in divisional playoffs.
Reggie Jackson - New Hired Hand   (Angels/01-27-82) $ 10.00
Newest Angel sharing a laugh with Gene Autry.
Reggie Jackson - A Mighty Swing   (Angels/06-04-82) $ 7.00
Trying to regain his balance after taking a hearty cut.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie Comes Through   (Angels/06-24-82) $ 7.00
In 'thanks' tips his hat to the crowd after hitting a three run homer.
Reggie Jackson - It's Reggie's Time   (Angels/09-15-85) $ 7.00
Reggie watching the ball sail over the right field wall for his 527th Career Home Run.
Reggie Jackson - Ship Shape   (Angels/03-06-86) $ 7.00
Full-facial shot during spring training. (Upper right corner bend)
Reggie Jackson - Taking A Swing   (Angels/04-12-86) $ 7.00
In-action shot of Reggie at the plate.
Reggie Jackson - A Rookie And A Star   (Angels/05-17-86) $ 7.00
Multi-player photo with Wally Joyner.
Reggie Jackson - Master And Mentor   (A's/05-17-86) $ 15.00
Sitting with Oakland coach Joe DiMaggio, getting pointers on the wood work. Reggie says, 'I may be pushing 40, but you won't know it if you got in an alley with me.'
Reggie Jackson - Screaming With The Kid   (Angels/05-27-86) $ 10.00
Yelling to teammate Wally Joyner from the Angels' dugout.
Reggie Jackson - Fanfare   (Angels/09-26-86) $ 7.00
Reggie waving his cap to the crowd after hitting two-run hommer against the Indians.
Reggie Jackson - Swinging Reggie   (Angels/10-07-86) $ 7.00
Outfielder taking a hard swing on a pitch delivered by Roger Clemens.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie On The Mound   (Angels/10-08-86) $ 7.00
Rare appearance as a pitcher tossing to teammates during batting practice.
Reggie Jackson - Welcome Home Reggie   (A's/12-24-86) $ 7.00
On the day before Christmas, Reggie smiles for reporters at new conference announcing his acquistion by Oakland for 1987 season.
Reggie Jackson - Welcome Home   (A's/12-24-86) $ 7.00
Smiling for photographers and sporting an A's cap after the announcement of his return to the Oakland club.
Reggie Jackson - Two Veterans   (A's/02-25-87) $ 7.00
New A's member Ron Cey has a talk with Reggie before exercise session at spring training.
Reggie Jackson - Frustrated   (A's/04-11-87) $ 7.00
Intense after a strike call.
Reggie Jackson - One Of Five   (A's/06-22-87) $ 7.00
Bearing down on home plate just before sliding as he goes on to score one of five A's runs in the first inning against Texas.
Reggie Jackson - Go This Way   (A's/07-28-87) $ 7.00
Using his arms to phantomly guide ball he hit along the right field foul line seem to have worked. It went fair into the stands for a home run.
Reggie Jackson - Acknowledges Standing Ovation   (Yankees/08-18-87) $ 7.00
Waves cap to crowd at Anaheim Stadium.
Reggie Jackson - May Be Goodbye   (A's/09-02-87) $ 10.00
Waving to the crowd at Yankee Stadium after indicating that he expects to retire.
Reggie Jackson - End Of The Season For Reggie   (A's/10-01-87) $ 10.00
Reggie on his way to the locker after the last game at home of theseason.
Reggie Jackson - Not Done Yet   (A's/10-02-87) $ 7.00
Steps from the dugout with a throng of fans behind, an anticipated retirement announcement not official.
Reggie Jackson - Last Time At Bat   (A's/10-02-87) $ 10.00
In full swing during his last at bat of the season at Oakland Coliseum.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie's Last   (A's/10-04-87) $ 15.00
Tipping his cap to a standing ovation before his final at-bat in the major leagues. In his last appearance, Jackson made a broken-bat single.
Reggie Jackson - The Last Time   (A's/10-05-87) $ 10.00
Ending a 21-year career at Comiskey Park.
Reggie Jackson - Former Devil   (Yankees/01-13-90) $ 10.00
Honored at ASU Packard Stadium, Reggie holding Devils jersery at Alumni Game.
Reggie Jackson - Reggie Holds Court   (A's/02-26-91) $ 7.00
Back in A's uniform as special coach for Oakland, Reggie talks with baseball writers as team trains in background.
Reggie Jackson - Mirror Image   (A's/03-11-91) $ 10.00
Reggie giving advice to Jose Canseco (reflected in sunglasses) while working as A's special coach.
Reggie Jackson - Young Oldtimers   (Yankees/07-26-91) $ 7.00
Sharing a laugh with Mickey Rivers at a news conference the day before 'Oldtimers Day' at Yankee Stadium.
Reggie Jackson - From Reggie With Love   (Yankees/07-27-91) $ 25.00
Former Yankee outfielder Mickey Mantle scrunches up for a smootch from Reggie during the team's 45th Annual Old Timers ceremony. Also pictured are Whitey Ford and Ron Guidry.
Randy Johnson - Making History   (Mariners/06-03-90) $ 10.00
Coming off the mound and letting out a holler after the last pitch of his no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers.
Randy Jones - Lot of (3) DIFFERENT   (Padres/07-13-76) $ 15.00
Photo shows starting pitchers for the 1976 All-Star game Randy and Tigers' Mark Fidrych.
Wally Joyner - Lot of (10) DIFFERENT   (Angels/02-26-87) $ 40.00
Al Kaline - A Happy Kaline   (Tigers/09-25-74) $ 15.00
All smiles in the locker room after getting 3,000th hit on a double off Orioles' Dave McNally.
Al Kaline - Sure Thing   (Tigers/12-16-79) $ 10.00
File Photo accomanying story on upcoming Hall Of Fame inductions.
Al Kaline - Figure In The Hall Of Fame   (Tigers/01-08-80) $ 10.00
File Photo from 10/02/74 used with 1980 Hall Of Fame Induction coverage.
Al Kaline - Young At The Plate   (Tigers/07-19-83) $ 7.00
Waving to crowd after belting home run in Old Timers Classic at RFK Stadium in Washington. (1/4-inch hole upper left)
Al Kaline - A Few Good Swings Left   (Tigers/08-18-86) $ 10.00
Great shot of Al at batting cage waiting to practice for Old-Timers Day at Tiger Stadium.
Sandy Koufax - Ballplayer Of Decade Is Golfer Now   (Dodgers/01-29-70) $ 15.00
Pictured in golf attire.
Sandy Koufax - Old Time Memories   (Dodgers/08-09-82) $ 20.00
Winding up at Old Timers exhibition game.
Sandy Koufax - One More Time   (Dodgers/07-15-85) $ 20.00
As honorary captain of NL All-Stars, pitching to his teammates during midseason interleague matchup.
Sandy Koufax - Old Friends   (Dodgers/07-14-86) $ 20.00
Greating fellow mound magician Don Drysdale before Old Timers Game at Dodger Stadium.
Greg Maddux - All-Stars   (Cubs/07-08-88) $ 20.00
Six Cubs in All-Star Classic! Pictured are Maddux, Dawson, Dunston, Law, Sandberg and Palmiero.
Greg Maddux - In The Bag!   (Cubs/07-11-88) $ 15.00
Photo to go with story on first 15-game winner of the season.
Greg Maddux - Shutout Win   (Cubs/08-04-89) $ 15.00
Close Up of his delivery!
Greg Maddux - Six Hitter!   (Cubs/09-22-89) $ 15.00
Game-Action Still!
Greg Maddux - Covering First   (Cubs/06-20-90) $ 15.00
Biting his tongue on close play at first.
Greg Maddux - Bearing Down   (Cubs/05-07-91) $ 15.00
Full Tilt in stop-action windup!
Mickey Mantle - Heading For The Hall   (Yankees/12-26-73) $ 20.00
1961 File Photo to accompany story on nomination for the Hall Of Fame.
Mickey Mantle - HOF Bound   (Yankees/01-16-74) $ 25.00
1964 File Photo to accompany story on Mick's Hall Of Fame eligibility.
Mickey Mantle - Looks Good To Me   (Yankees/07-14-75) $ 25.00
Examining a bat during pre-game workout before All-Star Game. Mantlewas honorary captain for the American League.
Mickey Mantle - Hospitalized   (Yankees/06-23-78) $ 15.00
1960 File Photo to accompany story on Mick's hospitalization following a diagnosis of bleeding ulcer. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, but later improved to 'serious.' (Wrinkling in left corner)
Mickey Mantle - A Familiar Face   (Yankees/03-20-80) $ 20.00
During spring training as batting instructor for the Yankees.
Mickey Mantle - Mickey Turns 50   (Yankees/10-20-81) $ 20.00
In the trophy room of his Dallas home holding the Hikok award, part of his extensive memorabilia.
Mickey Mantle - Hi Clyde   (Yankees/08-07-82) $ 25.00
Sluggers Mantle and Roger Maris welcome the new Yankee manager, Clyde King, before the start of the Old Timers Game.
Mickey Mantle - Mantle Signs Deal   (Yankees/02-08-83) $ 20.00
Displaying a promotional baseball card after his announcement of joining the Claridge Hotel and Casino as Director of Sports Promotions.
Mickey Mantle - Mays And Mantle Are Back   (Yankees/03-18-85) $ 20.00
Former Giants' star and Mickey flank commissioner Peter Ueberroth afafter Ueberroth announced he had lifted the ban previously imposed because of their association with gambling casinos.
Mickey Mantle - Reunited   (Yankees/12-14-85) $ 25.00
Greeting Roger Maris at Yankee Stadium, eight months before Maris died after a lengthy fight against cancer.
Mickey Mantle - Baseball Video   (Yankees/03-28-86) $ 20.00
Holding his new video called 'Baseball Tips For Kids Of All Ages.'
Mickey Mantle - Do I Know You?   (Yankees/02-05-88) $ 20.00
Standing beside life-size painting of himself in the memorabilia area of his New York restaurant.
Mickey Mantle - Moment For Memories   (Yankees/07-15-89) $ 25.00
Wearing their Yankee pinstripes, Mick and Joe DiMaggio watch the giant screen as a film of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech is shown.
Mickey Mantle - Who Are These Guys?   (Yankees/02-02-91) $ 20.00
Using a photo from Mick's 1951 rookie year and shown with Billy Martin, Score produces a sample from a special series dedicated to the Bronx Bomber.
Mickey Mantle - Yankee Author   (Yankees/04-12-91) $ 20.00
Surrounded in his restaurant by former teammates Hank Bauer, Moose Skowron and Johnny Kucks, Mickey holds his new book 'My Favorite Summer.'
Mickey Mantle - Making It Authentic   (Yankees/07-16-91) $ 20.00
Autographing one of his 1967 road jerseys at his New York restaurant. 'I had no idea it was worth $50,000,' he said, 'or I'd be sleeping in it.'
Mickey Mantle - Two Bombers   (Yankees/07-27-91) $ 25.00
Mantle and Reggie Jackson sharing a laugh in the dugout prior to Old-Timers Day at Yankee Stadium.
Mickey Mantle - Ain't I Pretty?   (Yankees/07-27-91) $ 25.00
Former Yankees' Whitey Ford admires Mick's gold earring as Ron Guidry and Reggie Jackson share the laughter at the 45th annual old-timers game.
Mickey Mantle - Buddies And Yankees Alike   (Yankees/12-28-92) $ 20.00
Pointing to a picture of his teammate Billy Martin, three days after Martin died in a car accident on Christmas Eve.
Mickey Mantle - Last Conference   (Yankees/07-11-95) $ 25.00
Doffing his cap to reporters at a news conference following a liver transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Mantle died at the hospital on Aug. 13, 1995.
Mickey Mantle - Sports Illustrated   (Yankees/08-21-95) $ 25.00
1951 File Photo which would become the cover for Aug. 21, 1995 issue of Sports Illustrated.
Juan Marichal - A Moment Of Madness   (Giants/08-22-90) $ 15.00
Historic File Photo depicting Marichal swinging a bat in attempt to club Dodger catcher John Roseboro as Sandy Koufax trys to separate the two.
Roger Maris - The Champion Visits   (Yankees/03-08-81) $ 18.00
Sharing some laughs with Cardinals' Sixto Lezcano and Keith Hernandez during spring training visit.
Roger Maris - Thanks For The Memories   (Yankees/07-22-84) $ 18.00
Waving his cap and responding to the cheers at Yankee Stadium during ceremony in which his number was retired and a plaque placed in center field.
Roger Maris - Maris Dies   (Yankees/12-14-85) $ 18.00
1961 File Photo showing Maris hitting his 61st home run. To accompany story covering his death.
Don Mattingly - Salary Arbitration Award   (Yankees/02-17-87) $ 8.00
1986 File Photo for story on a monumental award following salary agreement.
Don Mattingly - Mattingly Suits Up   (Yankees/02-25-87) $ 15.00
Warming up during spring training workout.
Don Mattingly - Names In The News   (Yankees/11-11-91) $ 15.00
1988 File Photo to accompany story of Mattingly's dramatic reading of 'Casey At The Bat' for the Evansville (Ind.) Philharmonic.
Willie Mays - Million Dollar Smiles   (Giants/03-02-71) $ 20.00
Grinning ear to ear with teammate Juan Marichal after signing lucrative contracts.
Willie Mays - Retirement Announcement Expected   (Mets/09-19-73) $ 15.00
1972 File Photo to accompany story on anticipated departure from baseball.
Willie Mays - Fun Again   (Mets/09-20-76) $ 15.00
Now as a coach says, 'For the first time since I stopped playing I'm enjoying myself on the field.'
Willie Mays - Uniform Retired   (Giants/08-20-83) $ 15.00
Acknowledging cheers from crowd of 20,000 who gave him a two-minute standing ovation upon retirement of his uniform number 24.
Willie Mays - New Man In Camp   (Giants/02-28-86) $ 15.00
Carrying a bat as he heads towards his first day of spring training as an instructor.
Willie Mays - Old Friends Together Again   (Giants/03-04-86) $ 20.00
Posing with Willie McCovey at spring training joining club as special assistants.
Willie Mays - Use Your Head   (Giants/03-05-86) $ 15.00
Pointing to his head, Willie tell Dan Gladden to always pay attention in the outfield.
Willie Mays - Back Again   (Giants/03-25-86) $ 15.00
Expressing a grateful smile after ban for taking a job with an Atlantic City casino is lifted.
Willie Mays - Say Hey, Where's My Introduction?   (Giants/04-15-86) $ 15.00
Hanging onto Giants' dugout, awaits introduction to fans attending Giants home opener.
Willie Mays - Hat's Off   (Giants/06-14-86) $ 15.00
Doffing cap to the applause of 23,000 fans at the Oakland Coliseum after being introduced at Old Timer's game.
Willie Mays - Listen Here   (Giants/06-15-86) $ 20.00
Pointing playfully at Oakland A's rookie Jose Canseco prior to annual Old Timer's Game.
Willie Mays - Say Hey   (Giants/Mets/06-23-86) $ 15.00
Clowning around with former ChiSox Luke Appling before Old Timers Classic at RFK Stadium.
Willie Mays - Mays The Instructor   (Giants/03-02-87) $ 15.00
Talking with a group of new players as an instructor for Giants during spring training.
Willie Mays - Willie Honored   (Giants/05-29-87) $ 5.00
In cap and gown wiping perspiration and emotion from his face after receiving honorary associate in arts degree by the Atlantic Community College. (6-inch diagonal crease)
Willie Mays - Time For Willie's Autograph   (Giants/07-12-87) $ 20.00
Reds' Johnny Bench passes the ball and pen to Willie as two pose for photographers before the start of the 2nd annual Seniors' All-Star Game. (Left corner crease)
Willie Mays - It's Like This   (Giants/03-03-92) $ 15.00
Giving a few tips to Darren Lewis during spring training.
Willie McCovey - Sending The Big Man Home   (Padres/03-26-74) $ 8.00
Getting a handshake and a pat on the backside from Jim Davenport (both former Giants) after clubbing 2-run homer.
Willie McCovey - Watching Record Tying Homer   (Giants/05-20-74) $ 10.00
Checking flight of his fifteenth career grand slam to him with Hank Aaron for the all-time record.
Willie McCovey - Out It Goes   (Padres/07-09-75) $ 8.00
Watching ball's flight as homer sails out.
Willie McCovey - They Call Him Stretch   (Giants/03-01-77) $ 8.00
Which is exactly what he is doing in this photo----stretching! (Several small wrinkles)
Willie McCovey - One Last Wave   (Giants/07-03-80) $ 6.00
Raising his hands in salute to cheering crowd during his last home game appearance before retirement. (1/2-inch paper tear at top)
Willie McCovey - Last Time Up   (Giants/07-07-80) $ 8.00
Marks McCovey's last major league game appearance before retirement.
Willie McCovey - Hall Of Famer   (Giants/01-08-86) $ 8.00
1980 Game-Action File Photo to run with story on his induction into the Hall Of Fame.
Willie McCovey - That Giants Smile   (Giants/07-06-86) $ 8.00
Appreciating the crowd at Candlestick Park during two-minute standing ovation for his achievements as a Giant.
Willie McCovey - Remember His Friends   (Giants/08-03-86) $ 8.00
Biting his lip with emotion at podium in Cooperstown, his Hall Of Fame plaque behind him, Willie recalls the friends that helped his career.
Willie McCovey - Surrounded   (Giants/09-16-86) $ 8.00
Humourous photo of Willie autographing one of the 600 balls benefiting his favorite charity.
Willie McGee - Missed Opportunity   (Athletics/09-24-90) $ 6.00
Throwing off his batting helmet after getting tagged out at home plate.
Willie McGee - Getting Back In The Groove   (Athletics/10-15-90) $ 6.00
After nursing injured ribs, back in the batting cage during World Series workouts.
Mark McGwire - Awww Right!   (Athletics/07-12-88) $ 20.00
Bumping elbows with All-Star MVP Terry Steinbach after AL beat NL!
Mark McGwire - Victory Dance   (Athletics/10-19-88) $ 20.00
Waving his arms in the air as he follows the flight of his game-winning ninth inning home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third game of the World Series!
Mark McGwire - The Winning Stroke   (Athletics/10-19-88) $ 20.00
Clouting game-winning ninth inning home run against the Dodgers in World Series Game #3.
Mark McGwire - Double Trouble   (Athletics/07-01-89) $ 20.00
Rapping a seventh inning double in 5-0 win over Indians.
Mark McGwire - Errant Throw   (Athletics/10-14-89) $ 20.00
First Inning action during World Series Game #1 with San Francisco Giants.
Mark McGwire - Home Run   (Athletics/05-18-92) $ 20.00
Being congratulated at home plate by fellow 'Bash Brother' Jose Canseco.
Mark McGwire - In For A Landing   (Athletics/06-25-92) $ 20.00
Jumping for his slide into home plate!!
Minnie Minoso - Five Decades #2   (White Sox/10-03-80) $ 10.00
Another camera view of Minnie holding five bats, one for each decade he has played in the major leagues.
Minnie Minoso - Five Decades   (White Sox/10-04-80) $ 10.00
Holding five bats, to indicate five decades in major league baseball, with a big grin after being activated at the age of 57.
Paul Molitor - Quick Reaction   (Brewers/07-08-85) $ 7.00
Leaps for ball and makes an outstanding grab in midair and parallel to the ground.
Paul Molitor - Comes Up Short   (Brewers/04-14-87) $ 7.00
Making a diving attempt at third to pull down a liner.
Paul Molitor - 27, and Counting   (Brewers/08-12-87) $ 7.00
Watching a fifth inning double during action after extending his batting streak to 27 consecutive games.
Paul Molitor - Streak At 35   (Brewers/08-18-87) $ 7.00
Congratulated at first base by Indians' Tommy Hinzo after hitting safely in his 35th consecutive game.
Paul Molitor - That's 35!   (Brewers/08-20-87) $ 7.00
In full-swing form at the plate after getting a hit in his 35th consecutive game.
Paul Molitor - Keeping The Streak Alive   (Brewers/08-21-87) $ 7.00
Tipping his helmet as he stands on second getting a standing ovation after doubling to extend his hitting streak to 36, passing Ty Cobb who had a 35 game streak in 1917.
Paul Molitor - Getting An Ovation I   (Brewers/08-23-87) $ 10.00
Tips his helmet to the crowd as Royals George Brett looks on at first base. Paul's 38th consecutive game with a hit.
Paul Molitor - Going For 38 In A Row   (Brewers/08-23-87) $ 7.00
Stretching with bat before game in which he will try to extend his hitting streak to 38 games.
Paul Molitor - Continuing The Streak   (Brewers/08-25-87) $ 7.00
Heading to first after extending his hitting streak to 39 games.
Paul Molitor - Streak Stopped   (Brewers/08-27-87) $ 7.00
Eyeing his infield grounder as his 39 game hitting streak comes to an end.
Paul Molitor - Getting An Ovation II   (Brewers/08-27-87) $ 7.00
In front of a standing crowd at the dugout and tipping his hat to the fans as he extended his hitting streak to 39 games.
Paul Molitor - Not This Time   (Brewers/08-25-89) $ 7.00
In midair at third base attempting to tag Toronto's Mookie Wilson.
Paul Molitor - Caught On The Run   (Brewers/06-02-90) $ 7.00
Fantastic 'stop-action'at second as ball is firmly seen in Paul's glove prior to throwing out Blue Jays' Tony Hernandez.
Paul Molitor - Slipping Away   (Brewers/08-26-90) $ 7.00
Intense action at second base as Paul can't hold onto ball in attempt to put out a sliding Yankee, Kevin Maas.
Paul Molitor - Chorus Line   (Brewers/02-28-91) $ 7.00
Kicking up his leg during spring training workouts.
Paul Molitor - Two-Thousand!   (Brewers/07-30-91) $ 7.00
Watching the flight of his 2000th career hit.
Thurman Munson - Two-Bagger   (Yankees/10-14-77) $ 15.00
Still holding bat as he takes off for first base after hitting a double down the right field line.
Eddie Murray - Nice Going   (Dodgers/04-11-89) $ 8.00
Being greeted at home plate by teammates Franklin Stubbs and Kirk Gibson after hitting a grand slam.
Eddie Murray - Short Bat   (Dodgers/05-10-90) $ 8.00
Left holding the handle of his bat after he cracked it on a pitch from Expos' Kevin Cross.
Phil Niekro - Brothers Niekro   (Braves/05-24-69) $ 10.00
Phil demonstrating his two-fingered knuckleball to brother Joe (Cubs).
Phil Niekro - New Brotherly Leaders   (Indians/06-01-87) $ 10.00
Leaving the dugout wearing a cap with an emblem which reads '530' to signify the career victories he and his brother have accumulated. This figure now surpasses the previous leaders, Gaylord & Jim Perry.
Phil Niekro - End Of The Line   (Braves/09-27-87) $ 10.00
An emotional Niekro bites his lips and waves to a crowd of over 26,000 fans after pitching in his last major league game.
Jim Palmer - Three Time Cy Young   (Orioles/11-10-76) $ 10.00
Shown holding Cy Youngs that he received in 1973 and 1975, prior to becoming the first AL pitcher to get the honor three times.
Jim Palmer - Kicking It Up   (Orioles/06-05-78) $ 10.00
Rearing back off the mound.
Jim Palmer - The Form Appears   (Orioles/04-02-80) $ 10.00
Excellent stop-action capturing ball from Jim's hands.
Jim Palmer - Hall Of Fame   (Orioles/01-09-90) $ 10.00
1976 File Photo to accomany article on Hall Of Fame induction.
Jim Palmer - Together In The Hall   (Orioles/01-10-90) $ 15.00
Posing with Reds' Joe Morgan at Cooperstown as both had just been inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
Jim Palmer - Hall Of Fame Comeback   (Orioles/03-11-91) $ 10.00
At 45, going through spring training motion in effort to return with the Orioles.
Jim Palmer - Leaving Baseball   (Orioles/03-12-91) $ 12.00
Cleaning out his locker to an impromptu press conference after announcing an end to his comeback bid.
Cal Ripken - Five More Years   (Orioles/08-24-92) $ 15.00
Tipping his cap to the fans at Camden Yard after it was announced he had signed a five-year extension to stay with the Orioles.
Frank Robinson - Flashing The Sign   (Giants/05-02-00) $ 8.00
Flashing the 'peace' sign as he prepares to talk to the crowd as part of the ceremonies honoring for his Hall Of Fame induction.
Frank Robinson - New Indians Manager   (Indians/10-01-74) $ 8.00
Full Portrait to accompany announcement of change of managerial scenery.
Frank Robinson - Take A Guess!   (Indians/10-01-74) $ 8.00
All smiles as he fields reporters' queries regarding rumours that he will be named Cleveland Indians' manager.
Frank Robinson - Light Moment   (Indians/03-14-75) $ 8.00
Wearing a smile in the dugout as he talks to infielder Jerry Da Vanon.
Frank Robinson - Quiet Moments   (Indians/09-17-76) $ 8.00
A relaxed man in the dressing room.
Frank Robinson - Pensive Moment   (Orioles/09-27-89) $ 8.00
Hands clasped, a concentrated Frank watches batting practice.
Frank Robinson - Rainy Day Welcome   (Orioles/10-02-89) $ 8.00
Under an umbrella waving to the crowd showing their support during a parade for the second-place team in the AL East.
Nolan Ryan - New Pitcher For Astros   (Astros/02-29-80) $ 15.00
Under watchful eye of pitching coach Mel Wright as he warms up in spring training after coming over from the Angels.
Nolan Ryan - Hard Work   (Astros/10-14-86) $ 10.00
Taking a breather on the mound during NL Playoffs against his former team the New York Mets.
Nolan Ryan - Strikeout Leader   (Rangers/12-14-88) $ 10.00
Gesturing to reporters at news conference after announced signing with the Texas Rangers.
Nolan Ryan - Almost There   (Rangers/04-12-89) $ 0.00
Action as Ryan goes into the eight inning for a no-hit bid. Brewers' Terry Francona ended it by cracking a single.
Nolan Ryan - One Gets Away   (Rangers/04-23-89) $ 10.00
Follow through on delivery in game where he loses a no hitter with one out in the 9th inning against the Blue Jays.
Nolan Ryan - Another Record   (Rangers/06-14-89) $ 10.00
Waving to the crowd after becoming only the sixth pitcher in major league history to defeat all 26 teams.
Nolan Ryan - Great Balls Of Fire   (Rangers/06-25-89) $ 10.00
In fine form, but loses a no-hitter in the eight inning on an Indian's Brook Jacoby single.
Nolan Ryan - Going For The Record   (Rangers/08-16-89) $ 10.00
Stop-action catches ball coming to the plate. At this point, Ryan only needed 14 strikeouts to become the first pitcher to record 5,000 Career Strikeouts.
Nolan Ryan - Going For The Record   (Rangers/08-16-89) $ 10.00
Needing only fourteen KOs to set record of 5,000 Career Strikeouts, delivering from the mound.
Nolan Ryan - 5000 Career   (Rangers/08-22-89) $ 15.00
Tipping his cap to the crowd after getting A's Rickey Henderson to become his 5000th KO victim.
Nolan Ryan - The Pitch   (Ranger/08-22-89) $ 15.00
Great 'follow-through' photo!
Nolan Ryan - Congratulates Ryan   (Rangers/08-23-89) $ 15.00
Being congratulated by his catcher Chad Kreuter after tossing his 5000th Career Strikeout.
Nolan Ryan - 5000 Career   (Rangers/08-23-89) $ 15.00
Tippin his hat to the fans after getting his 5000th Career Strikeout.
Nolan Ryan - In There   (Rangers/09-30-89) $ 7.00
Reacting to a pitch crossing the plate with a batter's perspective. (Multiple creases in rt. corner)
Nolan Ryan - Season Begins   (Rangers/04-09-90) $ 10.00
Forceful delivery during home opener.
Nolan Ryan - New Strikeout Record   (Rangers/04-26-90) $ 15.00
After throwing a Rangers' record sixteen strikeouts in nine innings.
Nolan Ryan - Strikeout Leader   (Rangers/04-27-90) $ 15.00
Getting a handshake from teammate Charlie Hough after striking out sixteen.
Nolan Ryan - Going For No-Hitter   (Rangers/06-11-90) $ 10.00
The form is there, but no-hit bid only makes it through seven innings.
Nolan Ryan - Throws No-Hitter   (Rangers/06-11-90) $ 15.00
Raising his glove victoriously while being surrounded by his teammates after a no-hitter against the A's.
Nolan Ryan - Throws No Hitter   (Rangers/06-11-90) $ 10.00
On the mound during his 6th career no-hitter.
Nolan Ryan - Throws Sixth No-Hitter   (Rangers/06-12-90) $ 15.00
Being carried off the field at Oakland Coliseum after tossing no-hitter against the A's.
Nolan Ryan - Sixth No-Hitter For Ryan   (Rangers/06-12-90) $ 15.00
Putting his fist in the air after throwing a no-hitter against the A's.
Nolan Ryan - No Hit Football Next?   (Rangers/06-12-90) $ 20.00
Tossing football during warm ups in a classic 'Unitas' pose.
Nolan Ryan - Throws Sixth No-Hitter   (Rangers/06-12-90) $ 10.00
Being carried off the field by teammates and fans following his 6th career no-hitter.
Nolan Ryan - Number Six For Ryan   (Rangers/06-13-90) $ 15.00
Holding up a ball with a number six written on it as he sits in the dugout the day after hurling his sixth no-hitter.
Nolan Ryan - Another Season   (Rangers/03-02-91) $ 10.00
Great shot with Ryan all smiles during drills at spring training.
Nolan Ryan - Duel Ends   (Rangers/04-03-91) $ 15.00
Relaxing with an ice pack on his arm, after facing his son Reid (also pictured) in an exhibition pitching duel.
Nolan Ryan - Nolan's No-Hitter   (Rangers/05-01-91) $ 15.00
Delivering at age 44, as he pitched his seventh career no-hitter and fanning 16 in the process.
Nolan Ryan - Does It Again   (Rangers/05-01-91) $ 15.00
Jovial reaction after throwing the last pitch in his seventh career no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays.
Nolan Ryan - Seven And Counting   (Rangers/05-01-91) $ 15.00
Wearing a Texas size grin and waving gloved hand to the crowd after tossing his 7th no-hitter.
Nolan Ryan - Catching Congratulations   (Rangers/05-02-91) $ 15.00
Getting a hug from teammate catcher Mike Stanley after completing his seventh career no-hitter.
Nolan Ryan - Lucky Seven   (Rangers/05-02-91) $ 10.00
Working out on an exercise bike, his shoulder and elbow packed in ice.
Nolan Ryan - A Game For The Ages   (Rangers/05-02-91) $ 15.00
Against a backdrop of a huge crowd, Ryan acknowledges a standing ovation for striking out 16 batters at age 44.
Nolan Ryan - Painful Experience   (Rangers/05-13-91) $ 10.00
Grimacing during delivery as he pitches despite a shoulder injury.
Nolan Ryan - Returns To The Mound   (Rangers/05-29-91) $ 10.00
After coming off the 15-day disabled list, pitching in old familiar form.
Nolan Ryan - Classic Express   (Rangers/07-07-91) $ 10.00
Pitching pose as ball magically is suspended at his fingertips.
Nolan Ryan - Ryan Extends Contract   (Rangers/07-18-91) $ 10.00
On the mound with ball captured in mid-air, following contract extension with the Rangers.
Nolan Ryan - From Here   (Rangers/09-19-91) $ 15.00
Perspective of Ryan from a batter's point of view.
Nolan Ryan - Hard Worker   (Astros/05-01-97) $ 15.00
Firing against the Braves as his arm takes on a grotesque appearance.
Ryne Sandberg - Cubs Starters   (Cubs/10-01-84) $ 10.00
Multi-player file photo for use with World Series stories. Also pictured are Cey, J.Davis, Durham, Mathews, Derier, Moreland.
Ryne Sandberg - Amazed   (Cubs/11-14-84) $ 15.00
Acknowledging a standing ovation from fans at dugout steps after it was announced that Ryne had been named NL MVP.
Ryne Sandberg - Playoff Cubs Starters   (Cubs/10-02-89) $ 10.00
Multi-player file photo for use with Playoff stories. Also pictured are Grace, Dunston, Law, D.Smith, Walton, Dawson, Wrona.
Mike Schmidt - Philadelphia Slugger   (Phillies/10-04-77) $ 15.00
Waiting his turn for batting practice waving his bat with two iron doughnuts.
Mike Schmidt - The King Smiles   (Phillies/10-02-80) $ 10.00
Rounding third base a jovial Schmidt grins on clubbing his 45th homer of the season.
Mike Schmidt - Mike's On The Move   (Phillies/10-02-86) $ 10.00
Taking a lead off first in a season heading for MVP honors.
Mike Schmidt - Valuable Commodity   (Phillies/11-19-86) $ 10.00
File Photo of game action to accompany story on being named 1986 NL Most Valuable Player.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt Gets The Hat Trick   (Phillies/11-19-86) $ 10.00
Smiling before reporters' microphones at press conference announcing his third MVP award. (Staple in corner)
Mike Schmidt - Happy MVP   (Phillies/11-20-86) $ 10.00
All smiles in this close-up taken at news conference where it was announced he had won his third NL MVP award.
Mike Schmidt - MVP Smile   (Phillies/02-27-87) $ 10.00
Stretching with a broad smile during spring workouts. At this point he needed just five home runs for a career total of 500.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt Connects   (Phillies/04-14-87) $ 10.00
Focusing on the ball that is going out of the park for number 498.
Mike Schmidt - Counting Down   (Phillies/04-17-87) $ 10.00
Patiently waiting with bat under chin at the indoor batting cage in Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt Unloads   (Phillies/04-17-87) $ 10.00
Watching his 499th Homer fly out of Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt Signs   (Phillies/11-10-87) $ 10.00
Well-coiffed Schmidty grinning for the press at news conference reporting Mike's re-signing with the Phillies for two years.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt In A Slump   (Phillies/06-14-88) $ 10.00
Anxiously awaiting to break out of slump as he prepares his bat in the on-deck area.
Mike Schmidt - Schmidt Signs   (Phillies/12-07-88) $ 10.00
Letting out a giant smile at news conference after signing one-year deal with Phillies.
Mike Schmidt - I Can Play That   (Phillies/02-22-89) $ 10.00
Pensive moment as a line drive is magically suspended near his glove.
Mike Schmidt - Time For Tears   (Phillies/05-31-89) $ 10.00
Close-up of Mike wiping tears during a news conference where he announced his retirement.
Mike Schmidt - Emotional Goodbye   (Phillies/07-06-89) $ 15.00
Wiping a tear at his 5/29 press conference announcing his retirement. Despite being voted to NL All-Star team, he did not play due to his untimely retirement.
Mike Schmidt - Final Call   (Phillies/07-12-89) $ 15.00
Doffing his cap to the crowd one last time before retirement.
Tom Seaver - Sleek Form   (Mets/09-27-71) $ 10.00
Side view of Tom unleashing a pitch at Shea vs. the Pirates.
Tom Seaver - Not Bad   (Mets/10-01-71) $ 10.00
Holding a baseball which displays his accomplishments that season: 20 Wins, 1.76 ERA and 289 Strikeouts.
Tom Seaver - Oil Those Joints   (Mets/02-20-73) $ 10.00
Grimacing with effort as he tosses the ball in his first workout of the year.
Tom Seaver - All Set To Go!   (Mets/01-22-75) $ 10.00
Straightening out his equipment in the locker room at Shea after signing a new contract with the Mets.
Tom Seaver - Giving It His All   (Mets/09-25-75) $ 10.00
Following through on his wind up and going for his 22nd win.
Tom Seaver - Not Too Old   (Mets/11-12-75) $ 10.00
Showing he's still got the right stuff by getting NL Cy Young after posting 22 wins.
Tom Seaver - Different Delivery, Same Results   (Mets/11-12-75) $ 15.00
Dual File Photo with Seaver on left, and Dodgers' Sandy Koufax on the right. Seaver received his third Cy Young, a feat equaled only by Koufax.
Tom Seaver - Interleague Games?   (Mets/03-01-76) $ 10.00
1975 File Photo with text pondering the possibilities of interleagueplay and how Seaver would fare against someone like Fred Lynn of the Red Sox.
Tom Seaver - Stays Put   (Mets/03-29-76) $ 10.00
Long-hairred and intense before taking batting practice, rumours are dispelled at spring training of his possible departure to another club.
Tom Seaver - From Orange To Red   (Mets/06-13-77) $ 10.00
1975 File Photo with Mets. Within 48 hours, Tom was to become a Cincinnati Red.
Tom Seaver - Gotta Go   (Mets/06-16-77) $ 10.00
An unhappy Seaver depicted in dugout prior to his last game with the Mets, an organization he no longer desired to play for.
Tom Seaver - Not His Night   (Reds/06-25-77) $ 10.00
Giving off an anguished look from the mound as Bill Russell of the Dodgers scores what proves to be the winning run.
Tom Seaver - Too Hot   (Reds/07-20-77) $ 10.00
Toweling himself off during his stint on the mound at a hot and humid All-Star game.
Tom Seaver - Getting Out The Kinks   (Reds/03-06-78) $ 10.00
Working off the mound during spring training.
Tom Seaver - Shoots The Birds   (Reds/07-21-79) $ 10.00
Double Image photo catching Seaver throwing up his arms victoriouslyafter downing the Cardinals on a 3-0 shutout.
Tom Seaver - Take That   (Reds/08-26-79) $ 10.00
Reaching back to turn his high, hard one loose against his former team the New York Mets.
Tom Seaver - And That Was The Way It Went   (White Sox/08-05-85) $ 10.00
In fine form, though a bit older, after getting his 300th win.
Tom Seaver - Winning Style   (White Sox/09-24-85) $ 10.00
Ball captured just leaving his fingertips en route to home plate.
Tom Seaver - Seaver Retires   (Mets/06-22-87) $ 10.00
At 42, sixteen days after rejoining the Mets, Seaver stands before a microphone announcing his retirement from baseball.
Tom Seaver - In The Hall   (Mets/01-08-91) $ 10.00
Tipping his hat at a New York press conference after being elected to the Hall Of Fame.
Tom Seaver - Hall Of Fame Material   (Mets/01-07-92) $ 10.00
1983 File Photo with the Mets to accompany stories on his possible nomination to the Hall Of Fame.
Tom Seaver - Seaver Candidate For Hall   (Mets/01-07-92) $ 10.00
1973 File Photo (Mets) Portrait surrounding articles on Hall Of Fame induction.
Tom Seaver - Hats Off To Hall Of Fame   (Mets/01-08-92) $ 10.00
With Rollie Fingers at awards ceremony in Cooperstown, raising theircaps to those in attendance.
Tom Seaver - Seaver Named To Hall   (White Sox/01-08-92) $ 10.00
1985 File Photo during 300th win and used with stories on his Hall Of Fame induction.
Ozzie Smith - Do It Again   (Cardinals/05-16-85) $ 10.00
Diving stop behind second to take a hit away from Padres' Garry Templeton.
Ozzie Smith - Say What?   (Cardinals/08-29-85) $ 10.00
Arguing face to face with umpire after a called 'third strike' by Lanny Harris.
Ozzie Smith - Playoff Roster   (Cardinals/10-07-85) $ 10.00
Multi-Player Team File Photo to accompany Playoff coverage. Also pictured are DeJesus, Herr, Forsch, Nieto, Dayley, J.Clark, Cedeno & Porter.
Ozzie Smith - Game Hero   (Cardinals/10-14-85) $ 10.00
Reacting with a pumping fist as he rounds second base following game-winning home run against the Dodgers in the NL Playoffs.
Ozzie Smith - Flipping Over The Series   (Cardinals/10-22-85) $ 10.00
Airborne in his patented acrobatic flip as he heads for his positionmoments before the start of World Series game.
Ozzie Smith - Double Play II   (Cardinals/04-26-87) $ 10.00
Caught high in mid-air as a sliding Mets' Kevin McReynolds unsuccessfully attempts break up of double play.
Ozzie Smith - The Amazing Ozzie Smith   (Cardinals/06-23-87) $ 10.00
Three-Shot sequence of Oz and his diamond acrobatics.
Ozzie Smith - Can't Dance For A Double   (Cardinals/07-14-87) $ 15.00
Appearing to dance over a sliding Yankees' Don Mattingly as Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg watches the action during All-Star game.
Ozzie Smith - He's Number One   (Cardinals/07-14-87) $ 10.00
Gesturing with index finger while talking with reporters during workout before All-Star Game. Oz received the most votes of any player.
Ozzie Smith - PostSeason Roster   (Cardinals/10-05-87) $ 10.00
Team File Photo with Oz, McGee, Pendleton, Tudor, Worrell, Pagnozzi, Magrane, Lindeman, Mathews, Morris, Oquendo, Pena.
Ozzie Smith - The Happiness Of Oz   (Cardinals/10-13-87) $ 10.00
Waving a towel in the air celebrating his team's defeat of the Giants in the sixth game of the NL Playoffs.
Ozzie Smith - Runs Them Down   (Cardinals/03-02-88) $ 10.00
Chasing down a runner during pickoff drills at spring training.
Ozzie Smith - No Problem   (Cardinals/03-02-88) $ 10.00
Backhanding a ground ball during spring drills.
Ozzie Smith - Sign This   (Cardinals/03-31-88) $ 10.00
Smiling as he goes down the line signing autographs for fans at spring training.
Ozzie Smith - Ozzie Catches Another   (Cardinals/11-07-89) $ 10.00
Taking a close look at the Rawlings Gold Glove Award he received.
Ozzie Smith - Making It Look Easy   (Cardinals/03-24-90) $ 10.00
Down on one knee fielding grounder.
Ozzie Smith - Doubling Up   (Cardinals/07-05-90) $ 10.00
Airborne glimpse at Ozzie turning the double play with ease.
Ozzie Smith - Airborne   (Cardinals/06-13-91) $ 10.00
Flying through the air as photo captures a suspended ball from Oz's throw.
Ozzie Smith - Officer Oz   (Cardinals/06-24-91) $ 10.00
Wearing a highway patrol hat after being named honorary trooper by the Illinois State Police.
Ozzie Smith - Double Play   (Cardinals/07-26-91) $ 10.00
Following through on throw to first after putting tag on Reds' Barry Larkin.
Ozzie Smith - All Smiles   (Cardinals/05-27-92) $ 10.00
Grinning before reporters microphones after getting his 2,000th hit.
Ozzie Smith - Suspended In Space   (Cardinals/05-05-97) $ 10.00
Appearing to be suspended in air after making tag on Giants' Chris Brown.
John Smoltz - Happy Winner   (Braves/06-16-89) $ 8.00
Pumping his fist in the air and letting out a yell a pitching seven-hit win against Giants.
John Smoltz - Smoltz Dominates   (Braves/10-12-91) $ 8.00
Hurling against Pirates during NLCS.
John Smoltz - Braves Starter   (Braves/10-23-91) $ 8.00
Cocking his arm and delivering during World Series against the Minnesota Twins.
Willie Stargell - Receives Lou Gehrig Award   (Pirates/06-07-75) $ 10.00
Clutching plaque, a bearded Stargell smiles for the press.
Willie Stargell - No Dice   (Pirates/10-02-81) $ 10.00
Watching the flight of his ball, which ended up being a pop out.
Willie Stargell - Tied Up In Knots   (Pirates/04-17-82) $ 10.00
Grimacing as his ankles are twisted around each other following a mammoth swing which unfortunately ended in a strikeout.
Willie Stargell - Farewell To Fans   (Pirates/09-07-82) $ 10.00
Before a packed house at Three Rivers Stadium, Willie at the microphone bidding fans farewell.
Willie Stargell - Tools Of The Trade   (Braves/02-28-87) $ 10.00
Carrying a fungo bat in his back pocket as he talks during a baseball clinic for local children.
Willie Stargell - Hall Of Fame   (Pirates/01-12-88) $ 10.00
1979 File Photo for use with Hall Of Fame induction coverage.
Willie Stargell - Willie Stargell   (Pirates/01-12-88) $ 10.00
1968 File Photo to accompany Hall Of Fame story.
Willie Stargell - Hall Bound   (Pirates/01-12-88) $ 10.00
1981 File Photo to accompany coverage of Hall Of Fame induction.
Willie Stargell - Hot Hero   (Pirates/07-31-88) $ 10.00
Wiping his face on a muggy afternoon after his introduction at the Hall Of Fame ceremonies.
Casey Stengel - Casey The Manager   (Yankees/Mets/08-31-65) $ 10.00
Dual photo. On the left, stepping down as New York Mets manager. On the right, 1934 pic from his days as Brooklyn Dodger manager.
Casey Stengel - Gotta Catch A Plane   (Yankees/Mets/07-30-74) $ 10.00
Wink-signalling the photographer while showing off a birthday card.
Casey Stengel - Glad To Be Alive   (Yankees/Mets/07-29-75) $ 10.00
Holding a handful of birthday cards and behind a large baseball-shaped candle, Casey turns 85.
Casey Stengel - It's Casey's Birthday   (Yankees/Mets/07-30-75) $ 10.00
Making a major league production out of blowing out a tiny flame atop a baseball-shaped candle on his 85th birthday.
Dave Stewart - Knock 'Em Down   (Athletics/06-09-90) $ 7.00
Showing the form that gets him his fifth career shutout in this gameagainst the Royals.
Darryl Strawberry - Rising Star   (Mets/04-03-86) $ 8.00
Striking a hitting pose during spring training.
Darryl Strawberry - All-Star Starters   (Mets/07-06-88) $ 8.00
Sharing a light moment with teammate Gary Carter before a game.
Darryl Strawberry - All-Star Material   (Mets/07-06-88) $ 8.00
Posing with teammate Gary Carter prior to All-Star game.
Darryl Strawberry - Strawberry Speaks   (Mets/03-03-90) $ 8.00
Giving a statement to the media upon his release from Smithers Institute.
Darryl Strawberry - 100 Ribbies!   (Mets/09-13-90) $ 8.00
Watching the flight of his 3-run homer giving him 100 RBIs for the season.
Darryl Strawberry - Darryl The Dodger   (Dodgers/01-14-91) $ 8.00
All smiles going through exercise routine at first day of winter workouts in Dodger Stadium.
Darryl Strawberry - Darryl In Dodgertown   (Dodgers/02-26-91) $ 8.00
Posing under a large Dodger marquee and sporting a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt as he trades coasts.
Darryl Strawberry - That Smarts   (Dodgers/03-27-91) $ 8.00
Turning away from the ball after being hit by a pitch during spring training.
Darryl Strawberry - Back Together   (Dodgers/04-08-91) $ 8.00
Sharing a joke with former teammate Dwight Gooden at spring training.
Darryl Strawberry - Love You Guys   (Dodgers/05-08-91) $ 8.00
Blowing a kiss from first base to his former teammates in the New York Mets dugout.
Darryl Strawberry - Darryl Does It   (Dodgers/07-19-91) $ 8.00
Watching his three-run homer against his old team the New York Mets.
Darryl Strawberry - Strawberry Slammer   (Dodgers/08-21-91) $ 8.00
Being congratulated at home plate by Brett Butler, Eddie Murray and Lenny Harris after crushing grand slam.
Darryl Strawberry - Nice Going   (Dodgers/08-21-91) $ 8.00
Receiving high-five greetings at home plate from teammate Kal Daniels after powering a grand slam.
Darryl Strawberry - Signing Straw   (Dodgers/03-09-92) $ 8.00
Bats, ball, pennants, cards thrust at Darryl for his autograph.
Don Sutton - Wins Number 300   (Angels/06-18-86) $ 7.00
Raising his arms in jubilation after getting his 300th win.
Don Sutton - First Pitch   (Angels/06-18-86) $ 7.00
Rearing back to throw and seeking his 300th win.
Don Sutton - Three Hundred   (Angels/06-18-86) $ 7.00
Showing the form that got him his 300th win.
Don Sutton - Eyeing Home   (Angels/06-15-87) $ 7.00
Grit and determination etched on his face in this matchup with the Kansas City Royals.
Frank Thomas - Round Tripper   (White Sox/07-29-91) $ 15.00
Banging elbows with teammate Tim Raines after clouting 2-run homer.
Frank Thomas - Loose Ball   (White Sox/09-13-91) $ 15.00
Scrambling to first for pickoff throw.
Alan Trammell - There She Goes   (Tigers/07-21-83) $ 7.00
Finishing his swing and watching the ball head toward the left field fence for a two-run homer.
Alan Trammell - DP   (Tigers/05-21-84) $ 7.00
Firing the ball to first over the head of A's Carney Lansford to complete the double play.
Alan Trammell - Seeing Is Believing   (Tigers/08-23-85) $ 7.00
Casting a look of disbelifef after being struck out.
Alan Trammell - Safe At Home   (Tigers/04-22-88) $ 7.00
Sliding past home plate out of the reach of Rangers' Mike Stanley's glove.
Alan Trammell - Agony Of De-Elbow   (Tigers/09-10-88) $ 7.00
Reacting in pain after being hi in the elbow on a pitch by Yankees' Rick Rhoden.
Alan Trammell - It's Contagious   (Tigers/08-25-89) $ 7.00
Bobbling a ground ball in a rare display of miscue.
Alan Trammell - Forced Out   (Tigers/09-27-89) $ 7.00
Relaying the ball after forcing out Blue Jays Tony Fernandez.
Alan Trammell - Going...Gone   (Tigers/06-29-91) $ 7.00
Watching the flight of his ball as it clears the fence against the Indians.
Alan Trammell - Trammell's 2,000th Hit   (Tigers/08-15-91) $ 8.00
Waving his hat to the crowd in appreciation of their standing ovation for his 2,000th career hit.
Bob Uecker - Uecker Hospitalized   (02-16-89) $ 10.00
1985 File Photo showing Bob with two of his baseball cards. Pic to accompany newpaper coverage of 'a very mild heart attack.'
Fernando Valenzuela - The Road To The Top   (Dodgers/02-09-77) $ 10.00
Very early photo in his career at the age of fifteen when he signed his first contract with Los Mayos de Navojoa for $5000.
Fernando Valenzuela - Shutout   (Dodgers/04-10-81) $ 7.00
Displaying a superb screwball during season opener in which he pitched a five-hit shutout.
Fernando Valenzuela - The Valenzuelas, Minus One   (Dodgers/05-07-81) $ 7.00
Twenty-three members of Fernando's extended family...he was missing from this photo because he was pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Fernando Valenzuela - Only Slightly Dejected   (Dodgers/05-18-81) $ 7.00
Frustration etched on El Toro's face after losing his first game in nine starts.
Fernando Valenzuela - El Novato Del Ano   (Dodgers/12-03-81) $ 7.00
With Tommy Lasorda, both decked in large sombreros celebrating Fernando's 1981 NL Rookie Of The Year Award
Fernando Valenzuela - Valenzuela Leads Dodgers   (Dodgers/05-23-84) $ 7.00
Tight-lipped and tossing his patented screwball.
Fernando Valenzuela - At Work   (Dodgers/10-14-85) $ 7.00
Showing his stuff against the Cardinals.
Fernando Valenzuela - Big Stuff   (Dodgers/09-22-86) $ 7.00
Holding up ball with number '20' written on it to indicate the number of wins thus far in the season.
Fernando Valenzuela - First Serves   (Dodgers/02-21-87) $ 7.00
Coming off a 21-11 season, El Toro looks like he has all the tools during this spring training shot.
Fernando Valenzuela - Short Stroke   (Dodgers/02-25-88) $ 7.00
Stepping into the pitch as he practices bunting during spring training.
Fernando Valenzuela - End Winless Streak   (Dodgers/06-09-88) $ 7.00
Returning to solid form from the mound after five losses in a row.
Fernando Valenzuela - Springing Forth   (Dodgers/01-11-89) $ 7.00
Tossing a couple of warmups during the opening of Dodger winter workout.
Fernando Valenzuela - Rough Going   (Dodgers/07-22-89) $ 7.00
Looking as though he just tasted a lemon, a sour expression coming from Fernando during a bad outing.
Fernando Valenzuela - 000 000 000   (Dodgers/06-29-90) $ 7.00
Delivering a pitch en route to his first no-hitter.
Fernando Valenzuela - Thanks!   (Dodgers/07-01-90) $ 7.00
Waving his cap to the crowd which has just acknowledged Fernando for his no-hitter thrown the previous day.
Fernando Valenzuela - Gone From The Dodgers   (Dodgers/03-28-91) $ 7.00
On the mound with manager Bill Russell who removes Fernando from the game. Valenzuela was later released.
Fernando Valenzuela - Back In The Saddle   (Angels/05-22-91) $ 7.00
Pitching his first live game since spring training.
Fernando Valenzuela - Valenzuela At Smith-Wills   (Angels/05-27-91) $ 7.00
Pitching in the minors for the Angels AA affiliate at Midland.
Fernando Valenzuela - Valenzuela Win   (Dodgers/06-02-91) $ 7.00
Rearing back to win game on only 78 pitches, 47 of which were strikes.
Fernando Valenzuela - Fernandomania II?   (Angels/06-06-91) $ 7.00
Throwing in the outfield during batting practice with a large 'Angels' logo as a backdrop.
Fernando Valenzuela - Comeback Trail   (Angels/06-07-91) $ 7.00
Delivering for a new team after being released by the Dodgers.
Ted Williams - Back At The Park   (Red Sox/05-17-86) $ 15.00
Pleasant reaction at the plate as he plays in an oldtimers game at Fenway Park.
Ted Williams - Fenway Moments   (Red Sox/05-23-87) $ 15.00
Watching his pop foul during Old-Timers Day.
Maury Wills - Back In Uniform   (Mariners/08-04-80) $ 7.00
Giving his players some pointers in the duguout.
Dave Winfield - Untitled   (Yankees/--) $ 7.00
File photo prior to 'paste-up' without text.
Dave Winfield - On To The Show   (Padres/06-05-73) $ 8.00
From his college days at the University of Minnesota.
Dave Winfield - High Hopes   (Padres/02-09-76) $ 8.00
Explaining to a group of reporters his desire to be one of baseball's best all-around players.
Dave Winfield - Glad To Sign   (Padres/08-18-78) $ 8.00
Graciously autographing items for a group of kids at Shea Stadium.
Dave Winfield - Winfield Speaks Out   (Padres/10-08-79) $ 7.00
Before an array of microphones at press conference announcing his plans to test the free-agent market.
Dave Winfield - Oh No!   (Yankees/06-09-81) $ 8.00
Grimacing at the plate as he takes a called strike.
Dave Winfield - Three Hundred   (Yankees/08-20-86) $ 8.00
In full swing after whacking his 300th career home run.
Dave Winfield - Winfield Hit In Head   (Angels/06-03-90) $ 8.00
Reacting in pain after being hit in the head with baseball while sliding into home plate.
Dave Winfield - Following Through   (Angels/04-11-91) $ 8.00
Powering a hit and in sharp form.
Dave Winfield - Winfield Homers To All-Time List   (Angels/06-07-91) $ 8.00
Congratulated by third base coach Bobby Knoop after banging out career 389th career home run, which tied him for 25th with Johnny Bench.
Carl Yastrzemski - Looking To Him For Big Things   (Red Sox/03-09-64) $ 15.00
Swinging big lumber at spring training.
Carl Yastrzemski - No Longer An 'Untouchable'   (Red Sox/09-01-71) $ 10.00
Talking to sports writers after comments by team owner Tom Yawkey saying 'it would take one hell of a deal' to get Carl in a trade.
Carl Yastrzemski - Two For The Road   (Red Sox/10-10-75) $ 10.00
Enjoying a light moment with teammate Rico Petrocelli during workout at Fenway Park.
Carl Yastrzemski - Young At Heart   (Red Sox/07-07-77) $ 10.00
At 38, still in shape to play the game.
Carl Yastrzemski - What A Difference A Day Makes   (Red Sox/09-18-78) $ 10.00
All smiles in front of locker celebrating with beer and fried chicken.
Carl Yastrzemski - So Close   (Red Sox/09-11-79) $ 10.00
Looking up at foul ball during his pursuit of 3,000th hit.
Carl Yastrzemski - Just Short   (Red Sox/09-12-79) $ 10.00
A saddened Yaz after watching his fly ball get caught and losing the opportunity to get his 3,000th hit.
Carl Yastrzemski - Happy To Retire   (Red Sox/07-25-83) $ 10.00
Smiling and gayfully answering reporters questions during new conference in which his retirement was announced.
Carl Yastrzemski - Last Try   (Red Sox/10-02-83) $ 10.00
Twisting around at the plate watching his popout during his final at bat in the major leagues.
Carl Yastrzemski - Goodbye Beantown   (Red Sox/10-02-83) $ 10.00
Waving to fans at Fenway Park during the last game of his illustrious career.
Carl Yastrzemski - Road To Cooperstown   (Red Sox/12-02-88) $ 10.00
1963 File Photo to accompany story on Hall Of Fame induction.
Carl Yastrzemski - Am I In?   (Red Sox/01-09-89) $ 10.00
Awaiting word of his Hall Of Fame nomination at his father's apartment.
Carl Yastrzemski - Yaz Set For Hall?   (Red Sox/01-09-89) $ 10.00
File Photo to accompany coverage of HOF induction.
Carl Yastrzemski - Saying Goodbye   (Red Sox/07-22-89) $ 10.00
1983 File Photo with Yaz doffing his cap to the crowd prior to his last game before retiring.
Carl Yastrzemski - In His Image   (Red Sox/02-12-90) $ 10.00
Touching a sculpture being carved in his likeness by artist Armand LaMontagne to be displayed at the New England Sports Museum in Boston.
Carl Yastrzemski - Left Field Legend   (Red Sox/05-12-90) $ 10.00
Posing next to life-sized basswood sculpture created by artist Armand LaMontagne.
Carl Yastrzemski - Yaz On A Baseball Card   (Red Sox/02-06-92) $ 10.00
Holding an enlarged version of a new baseball card produced by Score for its 1992 set.
Robin Yount - Just Eighteen   (Brewers/05-14-74) $ 20.00
Eighteen years old, early photo of ROOKIE in his Brewers uniform.

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