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1976 Isaly's MSA Discs - Lot of (300) assorted
With over (30) Hall-of-Famers & (2) Pete Rose
Only $24.95
38 years old and NM/MINT !!!

Distributed by the Isaly Dairy and Sweet William Restaurants throughout the Pittsburgh area, the set contained 70 un-numbered 3-3/8" discs with various colored fronts.

Produced by Michael Schechter Associates (MSA) under license from the MLBPA (Major League Player's Association), they were not licensed by the league so all team logos were removed from the caps and uniforms.

Isaly's was just one of the many "sponsors" of player discs sets issued in 1976 thru 1978. Other "sponsors" include: Buckmans, Carousel, Crane, Dairy Isle, Orbakers, Safelon, TowneClub, Chilly Willie, Holiday Inn, Pepsi, Zip'z, Caesars, Saga, Tastee-Freez, Roy Rogers (1983) plus a few others. There was also a blank-backed version and a version used by MSA for their own advertising often called "Customized". Each "sponsors" set is very similar with nearly all the same players, pictures and data. Some MSA disc sets included a few color and team variations.

Lot includes over 30 NM/MINT Hall-of-Famers plus 2 Pete Rose with 2 to 5 each of players like: Pete Rose, Hank Aaron, Tom Seaver, Mike Schmidt, Johnny Bench, Lou Brock, Tony Perez, Willie Starfell, Carl Yastrzemski, Reggie Jackson, Steve Carlton, Jim Palmer, Catfish Hunter and Frank Robinson.

$24.95 for (300) NM/MINT assorted 1976 Isaly's Discs
including over 30 Hall-of-Famers plus (2) Pete Rose

Below is a mini display of some of the different versions of MSA discs.

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