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Autographed Bank Checks
Neat collectibles and you know that they are 100% authentic !!!
Al Barlick
Autographed official Bank Check
Hall-of-Fame umpire, deceased 1995. Book price is from Beckett Sports Collectibles.

Price:   $ 23.95          NM/MINT
Billy Herman
Autographed Bank Check (from the 1970's)
Hall-of-Fame 1975, deceased 1992. Played & coached with numerous teams including the Dodgers. Lists for $80 in Beckett Collectibles.

Price:   $ 49.95          NM/MINT
Bobby Doerr
Autographed official Bank Check (Red Sox)
Entered Hall-of-Fame in 1986. Doerr played with Ted Williams !

Price:   $ 24.95          NM/MINT
Charley Trippi
Autographed official Bank Check
Entered Football Hall-of-Fame in 1968. Trippi was the St. Louis Cardinals #1 draft pick in 1945.

Price:   $ 14.95          NM/MINT
Dolph Camilli
Autographed official Bank Check (Dodgers)
Camilli was the National League MVP in 1941 !!!

Price:   $ 14.95          NM/MINT
Eddie Stanky
Autographed official Bank Check
Played for the Dodgers but is best know for being the Giants manager during Willie Mays rookie season.

Price:   $ 19.95          NM/MINT
George Kell
Autographed official Bank Check (Tigers)
Entered Hall-of-Fame in 1983. Book price is from Beckett Sports Collectibles. One of the very few 3rd baseman in the Hall-of-Fame!

Price:   $ 29.95          NM/MINT
Henry Johnson
Autographed official Bank Check
Deceased 1982. Henry 'Hank' Johnson played with Babe Ruth and the Yankees from 1925 thru 1936.

Price:   $ 11.95          NM/MINT
Jessie Haines
Autographed official Bank Check (St. Louis Cardinals)
Entered Hall-of-Fame in 1970, deceased 1978. Book price is from Beckett Sports Collectibles. Played with the 'Gashouse Gang'.

Price:   $ 49.95          NM/MINT
Ralph Houk
Autographed official Bank Check (deceased)
Houk was a long time manager for the NY Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox.

Price:   $ 23.95          NM/MINT
Rocky Colavito
Autographed official Bank Check
GREAT ITEM !!! Made out and nicely signed by Rocco D. Colavito. Cashed and guaranteed authentic by American Bank of Reading, PA.

Price:   $ 19.95          NM/MINT
Ron Mix
Autographed official Bank Check
San Diego Chargers Hall-of-Famer !!!

Price:   $ 11.95          NM/MINT
Sharon Stone
Autographed official Bank Check
Famous actress is best know for her movie 'Basic Instict'.

Price:   $ 59.95          NM/MINT
Tommy Henrich
Autographed official Bank Check (Yankees)
Henrich is the last living teammate of Babe Ruth !!! Played for the Yankees from 1937 thru 1950.

Price:   $ 24.95          NM/MINT
Vikki La Motta
Autographed official Bank Check
Wife of 'Raging Bull' famous World Champ boxer Jake La Motta. Also known for her 1981 nude Playboy Magazine layout at age of 51 !!!

Price:   $ 11.95          NM/MINT
Waite Hoyt
Autographed official Bank Check
Entered Hall-of-Fame in 1969, deceased 1984. Book price from Beckett Sports Collectibles. Played 1918-1938, mostly with the Yankees.

Price:   $ 99.95          NM/MINT
Weeb Ewbank
Autographed official Bank Check
Famous New York Jets coach (from Joe Namath's days). Entered Football Hall-of-Fame in 1978, deceased 1999.

Price:   $ 19.95          NM/MINT

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