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Auction Rules & Information

How to register
If you haven't registered yet and gotten your LOGIN & PASSWORD - Click here to register now

How to make bids
Bidding is as easy as clicking your mouse!

You first start by selecting one of the options from our AUCTION MAIN SCREEN.
[VIEW CATALOG & MAKE BIDS] - allows you to view and bid on items by entire categories.
[SEARCH CATALOG] - allows you to view and bid on items that contain specific words.
[MAKE BIDS ON SPECIFIC LOT #s] - allows you to view and bid on a specific item.
[LIST YOUR BID ACTIVITY - allows you to easily follow all lots that you have already bid on.

After selecting one of the above options, you will be presented with a list of auction items with their current bid, the minimum required next bid along with YES and NO buttons. To make a bid - click the [YES] button underneath the lot description. After you have marked (clicked the [YES] button) all your bids you must then click the [SUBMIT BIDS] button near the very bottom of the screen.

Once you have clicked on [SUBMIT BIDS] your bids can not be removed.
Please be careful to place bids on only those items that you want and will pay for.

In some cases you will see an actual image of the item or a clickable [IMAGE].
In some cases you may click on this image or [IMAGE] and see a larger version of the picture.
To return to the bidding screen you must click/use the [BACK] button on your browser.

If you run into problems, please try making your bids again. If you continue to have problems, please let us know and you can e-mail us your bids. Be sure to specify your LOGIN, the LOT# and your BID$

How to check on your bids
The [LIST YOUR BID ACTIVITY] option will show you information including the current high bid on all the lots that you have placed a bid on during the course of this auction. If you wish, you may place additional bids on those lots from this screen. To place bids on any snew lots you must use on of the other options.

How to pay for winning bids
You sohuld receive an e-mailed invoice within 24 hours of the end of an auction. Please check the invoice for accuracy especially your shipping address.

If you do not recieve an invoice it may mean that we do not have your correct e-mail address. Please e-mail us and let us know!

If you've signed up for our Automatic Credit Card Payment and we have your credit card information on file simply e-mail us or call us and we will charge your credit card and your items will be sent immediately.
NOTE: We have a minimum order of $30 (or close) for credit card orders.

Otherwise call or e-mail us with your credit card information or send check or money order to:
Joseph Juhasz, 11627 Calamar Ct, San Diego, CA 92124
Phone: (858) 576-8223 (10am - 9pm San Diego time)

How to submit your cards for auction
We currently are not accepting items for our auctions at this time although we may in the future.
Although we will consider larger collections of vintage cards - contact us to discuss.

Suggestions for AOL users
You may have problems in some areas of our auction due to AOL network traffic and delays.
* If you have another way to access the internet then use it.
* If you only have AOL then we suggest you keep trying or to try at a less busy AOL time.

You may have a problem using the [View Catalog & Make Bids] option due to AOL impossed limits on the amount of data that you are allowed to receive.
* Use [View Catalog] to see the list of auction lots and keep track of the lot #s you are interested in.
* Use [Make Bids on Specific Lot #s] to make your bids.
After making bids on all the lots you are interested in
* Use [List Your Bid Activity] from then on to follow just those lots.


1. CLICK on 'Members' at the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.
2. then CLICK on 'Preferences'
3. then CLICK on 'WWW'
4. then CLICK on 'Advanced"
5. then CLICK on 'Purge Cache'
6. in the same message box 'Maximum disk space available' appears with up and down arrows (Mine showed 1 megabyte)
7. CLICK on up arrow , and increase to 3 megabytes, and then CLICK 'OK'
8. It was also suggested to go to AOL directory on hard drive and delete all the files in AOL30/CACHE folder...which I did.
9. performance was significantly enhanced, with no interruption or cancellation by AOL.
10. This may need to be repeated by AOL users occasionally. When the CACHE fills up, it will slow down response or even disconnect.

If you haven't already participated in our weekly auction, all we ask is:
"Try us just once - then tell your friends".

Joe, Chuck & Dave
"The InterNet's Baseball Card Store & Auction"

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