BE AWARE: Replicas/Fakes being offered on eBay as real

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BE AWARE: Replicas/Fakes being offered on eBay as real

Postby uuu » May 6th, 2013, 11:23 am

BE AWARE: Replicas/Fakes being offered on eBay as real.
UPDATE: It appears that eBay has finally removed the items below
but be aware that they will likely show up again in the near future.


I have contacted eBay OVER A DOZEN times regarding replicas/fake 1969 MLBPA pins and 1947 Bond Bread cards being listed on their site and they have never replied and they still allow sellers to list the replicas/fakes as real.

*** 1969 MLBPA Pins ***
The replicas of 1969 pins say '@1969 MLBPA...USA.' but were NOT from 1969 & they were not licensed by the MLBPA !
It is incredibly easy to tell the fakes from the real in many ways for example: the real 1969 pins say 'WINONA, MN' on the back.
In addition, many of the players listed for sale on eBay as 1969 MLBPA Pins like Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax and Roberto Clemente were not even in the 1969 set.
Checklist for 1969's:

*** 1947 Bond Bread ***

Also called 1947 Homogenized Bond, the easy to tell square cornered replicas of the authentic 1947 cards sell like hotcakes on eBay
with unsuspecting buyers paying as much as $225 for a replica/fake Jackie Robinson. The authentic 1947 card is of high value as it is the first card ever made of Jackie Robinson pre-dating his 1949 Bowman Rookie by 2 years !
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